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How to dissolve breast cysts naturally and easily

I want to share my breast cyst story because if you are already prone to breast cysts or you just found one you can rest easy and get rid of them yourself within a week or so. It’s super easy!

I found my first and second lump in my breast in 2006 when Saturn Saturnwas conjunct my Leo Moon The Moon& Jupiter Jupiter. I add this here for all of you who understand the language of astrology because I am pretty sure that there is a correlation between challenging transits between Saturn and the Moon and breast lumps because the next time I got a series of breast cysts was seven years later when Saturn was square my Moon and Jupiter. Who knows – maybe Jupiter plays a little bit of an exaggerated, excessive part in this for me.

Saturn is a restrictive energy and when it transits your Moon (which rules the breasts, feelings, nurturance, how you take care of yourself) in any of the challenging aspects: conjunct, square or opposition there is a tendency for the individual to do absolutely no self-nurturance, to not care at all about Self, to feel lonely, like a bit of a failure and perhaps a bit depressed. Ayyy, Saturn! The key, I think, is that you know what would be good for you but you just can’t muster the energy to do it. There is no energy to be kind to yourself, no energy to do something that would make you feel better….I think this is key. In some people (we all have our weak areas) this transit/these feelings are going to manifest as lumps in your breasts (moon rules breasts). I’ve noticed that women born with the Moon in Capricorn The MoonCapricorn(Saturn rules Capricorn) are prone to lumps in their breasts, too. One solution is to be more kind to yourself about what you feel. Don’t be intolerant of what you are feeling. Allow yourself to feel the feeling and work with it – that way you have some control (Capricorn and Saturn like control). Relegating feelings that you don’t want to feel to your unconscious is just going to make that repression express itself in your body so that you’re distracted by the body issue instead of the emotional issue. Check our Dr. Sarno’s book on “The Mindbody Prescription – Healing the Body, Healing Pain” – it’s very eye opening!

Learn how to dissolve your breast cysts naturallyOK so, astrology and psychology out of the way, I discovered this lump while I was in Mexico and I freaked out. Of course, I thought it was probably the worst possible thing it could be. I went to a healer here who felt it and said that it was likely just a breast cyst since it was softish and I said that it hurt. Apparently, in some cases cancer is hard like a rock or gravel and doesn’t hurt.

So, my worry was slightly assuaged but she told me to see a doctor in Canada to be sure. I was in Canada a month later and the diagnosis was breast cyst. Phew!! What a relief. The doctor inserted a lonnnng needle into my breast and tried to extract the liquid inside the cyst but she couldn’t do it. I said, “Try again!” She was taken aback because I guess it’s not often that people insist on being stuck by a long needle, again! But I really just wanted the lump gone. I could see the damn thing when I was lying on my back and I could feel it between me and the person I was hugging! It was about 2″ by 1″. She couldn’t get it after a second try either so I had to make an appointment with a specialist, unfortunately. The specialist, of course, inserted the needle and extracted the greeny-brown liquid on the first try. Thank goodness, no more cyst!

The next time I got a breast cyst was in 2013 when Saturn was in Scorpio, squaring my Moon in Leo. Sigh. You’d think with my previous experience and the knowledge that I was experiencing a Saturn square Moon transit that I could have stopped the lump from forming in it’s tracks by being good to myself (which I usually am!) But, nooooooo. I went through the same feelings of “I don’t care, I’m just going to sit here and watch another movie and NOT move my body or attempt to make myself feel better….” Sigh. But, this cyst seemed to come out of nowhere and was HUGE…like 3″ long and 1″ wide! Ack!

I went to a German healer, who specialized in live blood analysis and dark field microscopy, who explained that cysts like these are like the garbage bins of the body. Any toxins in the body get shoved over to one area and create a lump together so that they are out of the way of all the healthy cells. What we need to do is to get the toxins in this lump to leave the body. There are a couple of ways to do that. My huge cyst was gone in just five days and when I got another one a few months later I repeated my cure and it was gone in a few days, too. ????

So, here is what you do!

Dissolve your breast cyst with bentonite clay and coconut oil


Make a thick slurry with either bentonite clay or zeolite clay and some coconut oil. The consistency should be paste-y not dribbly. Pack it on to your breast on top of the lump, extending it out around the lump an inch or so. Then, take a napkin or cloth/plastic bandage and with tape that you can use on skin (don’t use normal tape – I did and owwwww, it hurt taking it off!) tape the napkin or plastic on to your breast. Sleep the whole night with this pack on your breast. Rinse off in the morning. Repeat every night. Drink a lot of warm water to flush your system….drink at least 2 liters a day.

EDIT: Check out Sonia’s post from February, 2020 below. She is using castor oil with the bentonite clay instead of the coconut oil and she is having real success dissolving her cysts ???? You might want to try it! Here’s a page on my old website on Edgar Cayce’s Castor Oil Pack recommendations.


Do this breast lymph massage three times a day. It is super simple. I found this video online and it is great. It will get your lymph moving in your breast which will help to drain the toxins in your cyst. If your breasts tend to feel painful and/or fibrousy just do this exercise and, voila, pain-away!! It totally works.

That’s it! You’ll be so happy that you discovered this method. It is so easy and so effective!

If you don’t know what your astrology chart looks like you can go here to find out how to generate it, for free, of course ????  It is my personal page that describes how you create it and some basics on reading your own chart. Who knows – maybe you have a Saturn transit to your Moon, too, or a natal predisposition symbolized by your natal Saturn aspecting your natal Moon in a challenging way!? A Capricorn Moon may carry the same “hard on yourself” predisposition that can lead to lumps.

I hope this gets to the people who need it. I had searched the internet about how to deal with breast cysts on your own and had found absolutely nothing.

Here’s to self-awareness and taking care of yourself!!

(and to happy, healthy breasts! ???? )


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  1. Hi Tracey,
    I have been looking for advice like this for a long time. I have had a few breast cysts for years. There are moments, like now, when they become really painful and tender. What you wrote is something totally new to me and I’m going to give it a go straight away. Hopefully I’ll be able to find bentonite clay in England (I’ve never heard about it).
    Worrying thing is that you associate cysts occurrence with Saturn. Unfortunately this planet is strong in my birth chart. Saturn creates the Grand Trine with my ascendant in Capricorn and four other planets (Moon, Mercury,Mars and Pluto) additionally is in opposition to Venus and Neptune. Pure trouble. It looks like it never let go.
    But I’m full of hope and looking forward to positive outcome. I’ll let you know soon if it worked for me.

    Lots of love


    1. Hello Ewa! Excellent – you will for sure be able to find Bentonite Clay powder in England (probably a health food or supplement store). Remember to do the lymph massages, too, so that the ‘garbage’ that’s getting stuck can move on through after/while the clay/coconut oil packs dissolve them.

      Interesting about Saturn in your chart…and Capricorn ascendant. The trine with Saturn is good and helpful for focus, discipline, stability, Reality….it’s probably the Saturn opposite your Venus/Neptune that is the culprit. Sooooo in addition to doing the packs and lymph massages you should definitely treat yourself really WELL, you know? Don’t be hard on yourself. Indulge your desires and fantasies (venus/neptune) – you an actually use Saturn to help MANIFEST your desires…..your ‘dream’ (venus/neptune)…allow yourself TO dream….day dream…even though Saturn has a restrictive quality don’t forget that it has a manifesting/focus quality, too….AND Saturn is there, partially, to remind us of our FUNDAMENTAL Selves….if there is something that we are ignoring or covering up…Saturn will let us know and make it a little difficult for us just so that we can actually SEE what it is that we need to prune away or express more fully…

      I would think that when transiting Saturn squares this opposition every seven years that that’s when it feels the most difficult – but also when you need to be more aware of not being hard on yourself and of doing things that nurture yourself. Watch for transits that help you to stir up and bring more freedom (Uranus) to this aspect or that brings you spiritual insights (Neptune) or transforms and heals (Pluto) this aspect, too….

      I hope this helps and would love to know if you have success dissolving them! It totally works for me, so I’m hoping it will work for you, too 🙂


  2. I have a cyst that’s been there for a little while.. I have Saturn sq moon in my chart .. but anyway I believe I got it when Saturn was approaching my moon to conjunction.. I drank a lot one night and the next day my breast had a pimple .. oh well .. now I am wearing a new t shirt with the name of the liquor (I don’t even drink it) haha I got it in sale…interesting cycle..

    1. Is your cyst on top of the breast or inside? Mine are always inside….but they DO disappear with a little work AND being good to yourself. Darn Saturn!! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this information! I have a cyst and it’s painful, I’ve had a lumpectomy and it’s not cancer but sometimes its very tender. I’m going to try this bentonite clay and massage. Thanks again!! I definitely appreciate this natural remedy. I do have one question, would changing my diet to a vegan diet help with preventing the cysts from coming back? Thanks

    1. Sorry I’m just seeing this Dawn! Now that you’ve had some weeks to do the clay packs and lymph massage I wonder how your cyst is? I hope it’s all gone! I have been told that cysts act like a garbage can for toxins…it’s the way the body deals with toxic chemicals that it can’t manage – so the less toxic/processed food you eat the better. But then there are also Environmental toxins – so best to keep those to a minimum, too! Ingesting Bentonite clay is REALLY good for getting rid of toxins – even 1 tsp in water a day may keep future cysts away! I found a great page on all the benefits here: Keep me posted!

      1. How does one reach you Tracey? I was very intrigued to see this post! I am in what Indians call a Saturn Sade Sati! I am a two time cancer survivor and was startled when my follow up mammogram showed a teeny tiny cyst and scared to death! I was wondering if there was a remedy for Saturn to deal w this!

        1. Hi Feroza! Ooooh very interesting. I just looked up Saturn Sade Sati because I’ve never heard of it…does it mean that when you were born Saturn was in the sign before your Moon? Interesting Saturn/Moon/Cyst connection. Have you had it checked out to make sure it’s not cancerous, just to be on the safe side? Imagining that it’s just a cyst that is collecting the toxins in your body into one safe place and that you can get it to dissolve quickly using the clay pack method here. Saturn/Moon people have to actively give themselves a break, go easy on themselves, treat themselves really well…accept all your feelings and then do something good for yourself. The remedy for Saturn’s restrictiveness is either Uranus’ instinct to do something totally true to yourself so you feel liberated and free or Jupiter’s expansion and desire to learn and grow… Please keep me posted!!

    2. Removing dairy and processed foods will definitely help your body. I personally think a plant-based that focuses on eating natural foods vs. “vegan” is a more balanced approach, But to answer your question, yes, plant based diet has definitely helped

  4. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for the info. I am going to give it a try, praying it will work for me. (I’m a Scorpion, 1974😊)

    1. I am imagining you cyst free, too. Remember to do the lymph exercise three times a day, too! Ahhh one of my best friends is a Scorpio Tiger! 🙂

  5. Hi Tracey,

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing this useful information. Had been looking all over the internet for natural remedies and kept finding the same recommendations like cabbage and hot compresses etc.
    I have had the same cyst for a couple of years now and know for sure it’s a cyst after 2 consecutive years of a mammogram and ultrasound to confirm it. It seems like it’s about as big as the one you described having. I’ve been doing the coconut, clay packs every night for the past 5 nights and I’m also doing the massage exercises. I figured since it took 2 years of mine growing and still being there, it wasn’t going to disappear overnight so I will keep at it with the regimen. I do feel like the cyst is shrinking already so many thanks again for your generous help and suggestion.

    1. That is wonderful that you feel like it is shrinking – good good! I hope I hear from you in a week or two with news that it has completely dissolved! I would add ingesting the bentonite clay with psyllium (no herbs or anything added just straight psyllium) to your regimen, too, as you can suck out the toxins from the inside as well. The recipe is: 1 tsp of bentonite powder + 1 tbsp of psyllium, stirred up together, water added, stir, stir….drink back and then chase with another glass of water. If you can do this three times a day that would be great. First thing in the morning and last thing at night and one more time in the middle of the day. The key is to not eat within 30 minutes of taking the bentonite and psyllium so it gets a chance to work through your intestines all by itself instead of getting wrapped up in food. I just started to feel like I needed a cleanse (I just finished the book, The Toxic Solution) and so started with my favourite: the bentonite and psyllium drinks 3X a day…well…on Day 5 I eliminated about ten 6″ dead worms!! They looked like rice noodles. I’ve been doing various cleanses (including parasite cleanses) since 2002 and I’ve never seen anything like this! (I think it was after the trip to Italy where I tried some steak tartar?? Ugh.) I didn’t even know that bentonite would work as a parasite cleanse but upon further research I see that it actually suffocates worms! Soooo….this may not seem to be directly related to breast cysts but I just want to illustrate how really fantastic bentonite is and adding it to your regimen while you’re getting rid of the toxins built up in your body is a grrrreat idea. I’m sure it will help dissolve the cyst faster 🙂 I hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Sorry only just seeing your reply and wow. I didn’t realize just how good bentonite would be for other things like that and boo to steak tartar in Italy for possibly being the culprit, yikes.
    Many thanks done the top on ingesting the bentonite with the psyllium. I just ordered some online and will begin the 3 times a day regimen as soon as I get it. In the meantime, my cyst does feel like it’s continuing to shrink and I imagine adding the psyllium 3 times a day will help it along a little faster. I look forward to sharing an update with you in the coming days once I’ve done the routine for a few days.
    Thanks very much for your thoughts on this Tracey. You’ve been a fantastic help. I also look forward to getting your book when it’s ready. I assume it’s not up for sale yet?

    1. Hi Sylvia! Yay….that is great that you feel like your cyst is shrinking – good good. I don’t have a book coming out….but I love that idea….perhaps in the future! 🙂

      Yes, please keep me posted…

    1. ive just discovered watery cysts in my breasts,,want to do th same remedy u hav suggested..pls tell som othr name fr bentonite clay ..if any in pakistan ..cant c a product wth ths name ..thx

      1. Hi Huma! Especially if the cysts have been recently formed you should be able to get rid of them pretty quickly. You might be able to find the clay under the name ‘green clay’ ? Any type of clay that says ‘for internal use’ or ‘food grade’ is good. I hope you can find it in Pakistan! I’m sure they have healing internal clay there. I believe it’s best to take it internally AND topically as a pack. Please let me know how you do!

  7. Hi Tracey,

    I can finally share an update. As you might remember, I had my cyst growing for 2 years and I figured it would take a while to go away and it finally has. I’d say mine took a month but I’m beyond thrilled to be able to say it’s gone. I ingested the clay with the psyllium like you suggested (a couple times) but I realized that my clay said for external use only so I stopped ingesting it and just kept up with the clay and coconut oil topical solution and that worked well. I have to admit that I was enjoying seeing it shrink so much that I didn’t just wear mine to bed, I would sometimes wear it in the daytime. I applied the paste to a panty liner, taped that bad boy on and off I went with the rest of my day :-). I can’t thank you enough for this incredible suggestion. You’re a life saver. Thank you,

    1. Sylvia…yayyyyyyyyy!!! That is soooo wonderful! Thank you so much for posting an update. I, too, am totally thrilled that your cyst has dissolved – woooot! 🙂 Time to celebrate! xoxoxo

  8. I have been diagnosed with multiple cysts i am in a lot of pain ive read your article and my cyst got worse when we had the moon changes. My birth dste is 14/06/1957 where would i go to purchase the clays you suggest.

    1. Hi Maria! I’m so sorry about your pain….I hope that by following the advice on my page that you can dissolve them quickly! I also looked up your chart (have you ever done this yourself?) and I see that you do, indeed, have a Capricorn Moon – so these breast cysts suggest a direct link to your Capricorn Moon (I don’t know what house it’s in since I don’t know your time)…the more you plumb the depths of what this means to you, the better you’ll be able to clear the energy. From my experience of people with Capricorn Moons they usually had challenging mothers 🙁 and didn’t feel nurtured or really taken care of by them. This has led to Capricorn Moon people being really hard on themselves…demanding perfection, but never attaining that standard, or keeping so busy that there is no time to look at your emotions. The best (and hardest) thing to do is to be reeeeeeally KIND to yourself – treat yourself well – don’t abuse yourself…find ways to not be so hard on yourself. I see that Mars is opposing your Moon, too, which associates anger with your mother and your own emotional responses…but, and, of course this is really interesting because the solution is actually being presented to you right now by Pluto! Pluto is conjunct your Capricorn Moon (this is a major transit and not everyone will have Pluto sitting directly on their Moon since it takes Pluto 248 years to go through all the signs)….so you see with Pluto sitting on your Moon (for the last year and a half already) he is stirring up these emotional, mother, nurturing issues and trying to heal and transform them. I don’t know if your mother is still alive or not but if she IS still alive, what I’ve seen happen is that Pluto is wanting to heal and transform this mother/emotion dynamic…and so when you start to change your attitude and feelings towards your mother, your mother actually begins to transform as well…it’s a Both/And situation. If your mother is not alive then Pluto will find a way to heal and transform this difficult emotional aspect in you, regardless 🙂 Now that you’re really aware of all that is going on and that’s connected with your painful cysts you can participate in this healing and transformation….I do hope you can give me some updates as you heal yourself on the emotional and physical level, Maria…

      Also – if you want to check out your own chart to see what I’m talking about you can use my basic astrology learning page to generate your chart and then check it out 🙂 here: /learn-how-to-generate-and-interpret-your-astrological-birth-chart/

      Any health food store will have the Bentonite Clay for internal use. I purchase this one on Amazon, though, as it didn’t clump up and get slimy like the last one I bought: It can be used externally or internally…

  9. Dear Tracy! Do you think that bentonite clay can dissolve a complex cyst? I am willing to start this remedie. Thanks for sharing and helping us find a natural way to treat this night mare.

    1. Sandra! I don’t see why not – it’s worth a try for sure! I would do the clay/coconut oil packs topically and then take bentonite and psyllium internally as well. (see some of my comments below for the full protocol) And don’t forget to do the lymph massage and drink lots of warm water. Cysts can be viewed as a kind of garbage can for all the toxins that have built up in your body…the cyst is containing the toxins all in one spot…so you have to get rid of this garbage and the clay seems to work really well! See below the woman who had a cyst for two years but got rid of it in one month! It works! Cysts also point to stagnation…so it really does help to move your body, too… 🙂 Good luck and please keep me posted!

      1. Hi Tracey! I started the clay last Sunday, i has been almost a week and the cyst is shrinking. I will say that from 100% it has reduced to a 60%. I wrapped it first using the pantiliners but I changed it to plastic wraps. It keeps wet and feel like it is working much better. Thanks again for sharing this excelent home remedy. God bless you

          1. Dear Tracy! God bless you! I wanted to let you know that my complex Cyst dissolved and by last month it was measuring 7mm. (First time it was 2cms x 3cms). Since 2 days i am not feeling it anymore! Thanks for sharing your method and show us a light beyond the tunnel! Blessings.

  10. hello! I had a breast lump since 2009.Do you think will this lump can be dissolved & will this become cancerous? Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hi Cristina! Please see Sylvia’s comments below. She had a cyst for 2 years and was diligent with the clay packs and hers dissolved in one month! So I do believe that even though yours has been with you for the last 9 years that you can dissolve yours, too. Best to dissolve it so you don’t have to worry about it being cancerous. Of course, if you are worried that it might be you should have it checked out. But please start the protocol right away – make sure you do the lymph massage as well as the clay/coconut oil packs topically as well as the bentonite and psyllium internally + drink lots of warm water to clear out the toxins…and please keep me posted!

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I recently gone thru regular check-up ultrasound n mamography n found multiple fibrocysts in both breasts but thing is I do not feel them by touching. They are inside. Only 2 old cysts which I have since 20 yrs I feel n are hard like rock.
    1. Do we need to mix clay with water first and then add coconut oil? Or no water?
    2. Can I mask it and get it dried before going to bed? Or it shud be wet?
    3. As I HV multiple cysts all around within, I guess I should mask it all over my breasts?
    4. Is it ok if i cover it with thin polybag sheet? I mean skin might also need oxygen… N polysheet will not make issue. Just to confirm.


    1. Hi Pooja,

      Ok – if you’ve had the two rock hard ones for 20 years they mustn’t be giving you any problems, so that’s good. To dissolve the softer ones (and who knows what will happen to the hard ones? Maybe they will start to dissolve, too?)…:

      1. No need to mix with water first. Just mix the clay and coconut oil together into a paste.
      2. It’s got to be wet when it goes on and then by morning it’ll probably be dry and crumbly…but definitely put it on wet. One woman shared her experience below that she wore the packs during the day as well.
      3. Yes, put the paste on your whole breast. I would advise taking 1 tstp of bentonite clay + 1 tbsp psyllium and mixing it with water and taking it 3 or 4 times a day (at a time when you haven’t eaten for 30 minutes on either side of taking the B&P shake) as well as drinking plenty of warm water to flush the toxins from your system. Don’t forget to do the lymph massage as well 🙂
      4. You can cover it with whatever you want – it’s covered mainly to keep the oil from staining clothes and bedsheets. 🙂

      Please keep me posted on your progress!

      1. Hello Tracy,
        I was looking for some help and came across your experience last night as I was looking for some pain relief. I am planning to try this. I have had many cysts for years on one side they didn’t bother me much till my last mammogram a few months back. Also recently a new large painful one has appeared

        I avoid seeds and nuts because I am prone also to I inflections in my gut when little bits get stuck, so I am leary to ingest the clay. Any other suggestions for a cleanse?

        I am encouraged that this has worked for you and some others.

        Best regards,

        1. Hi Verna! Sorry for the delay responding!

          Have you tried the packs yet?

          If you’re wary of the bentonite and psyllium shakes there are a few options here:
          1. You could just ingest 1 tsp of bentonite in a cup of water, stirred up well – and then chased by another glass of water. A couple of times a day for 2 or 3 weeks. There is no worry that the bentonite will get stuck in your intestines at all. Here is a great page on all questions Bentonite:

          2. I was actually thinking that the bentonite and psyllium shakes might be exactly what your intestines need because it really seems to be that as the psyllium plumps up as it moves through your intestines, wherever it rests for a while, it seems to take a ‘mould’ of the intestine and as it does it PULLS bits and toxins and strange stuff OUT of your intestines, ya know? I’ve done the B&P shakes sooooo often and this is really what appears to be happening…PLUS the fact that my ex-ex 🙂 boyfriend back in 2002 or so on Day 4 or 5 of taking B&P shakes 3X a day pooed out a 1974 penny that he had swallowed as a mischeivious little nine year old boy 23 years earlier! Seriously. Crazy eh? Soooo that kind of shows you what the B&P does….it actually SWEEPS the intestines out….so I’m thinking it could be really good for you. Here’s the link to that story: The only thing is….that people often get a little worried on Day 2 or 3 because they haven’t had a bowel movement….but if you just push through and keep drinking a lot of warm water to stimulate peristalsis…then you WILL have a bowel movement and it will surely be verrrrrry impressive! Do your own research but, I thought about it a while and it really seems like it might actually be what you need….the psyllium never gets stuck…it comes out as a big, rubbery mass, all clumped together….it’s a really amazing cleanser for the bowel.
          3. You could do the 3 Day Apple Fast – that’s a great cleanse, as well, and will definitely help to clear toxins while you’re doing the clay/coconut oil packs on the outiside of your breast. Remember to drink lots of warm water to help flush the toxins, too! Here it is: /edgar-cayce-3-day-apple-fast/

          I hope I hear from you, Verna!

      2. Hi Tracy,

        Thanks for your kindness. You are such a nice person, helping so many women here.
        As you suggested, i finally started doing it and has doing it since last 3 days… paste on my breasts whole night. I will surely do it for atleast 15 days or more as i could not feel cysts by touching . know it thru ultrasound… so better doing it a bit for longer duration. I am also doing lymphatic erercise.
        Hey… as i am doing it since last 3 days, i started feeling some strain / pain in my breasts here n there which earlier i was not feeling. It comes n goes. Just wanted to confirm… is it bcoz of this?…. i mean they are dissolving and giving me that pain? is anybody here who tried n feel that pain bcoz of it? is it ok with the pain and no need to worry? Please share your experiences.

        1. I’m on day 3, and have noticed some pain but not the same pain as before and along with the odd nerve pain I am getting an itchy sensation around the cyst, not sure what that means though. I’ve not been drinking the clay/psyllium just yet, but I’m thinking for ingesting A specific actual ingestable French green clay / psyllium as per much research I’m weary on ingesting bentonite clay as bentonite clay is used for plugging up pipes & it contains aluminum.

        2. Pooja! I don’t know how I missed your post here…so sorry about that! So glad you are doing the packs….how is the pain now? I wonder if you need to drink more warm water to hydrate? Because the bentonite is pretty dehydrating…that could be the cause of the strain. Let me know how everything is now…I hope your cysts have been dissolving…

  12. Hello!

    Thank you so much for your site and helpful info. This info is like a diamond in the ruff persay.
    I’m 45 and figuring I’m premenopausal now. I’m dealing with a cyst that first appeared end of March this year. It first formed closer to my breast bone then moved gradually right under my nipple. From there it went from pea size to the size of my entire nipple. The pain that came after was unreal. First they attempted an aspiration by injecting me with freezing, not sure which hurt more at that point prob the freezing in my boob OMG OWE! They figured it would be gone however thereafter it grew back again, ended up in emerge where another doc decided to freeze me yet again OWE!! And cut under my nipple to drain it that way. It healed decent and all seemed well thru April-mid August. Until this past weekend.
    I was considering goin to another hospital emerge as it was starting to get get painful this morning. To see if just maybe another doc from a different location could actually fix me!

    Total fluke I came across this site or possibly a higher power sent me here as I had been praying over this issue last few days.

    Today I tried your benzonite clay suggestion only for cpl hours mid aft and it gave me some relief. I will try for the next 5 nights and hopefully with the massages I can finally get back to my norm.
    This info needs to be at the top of the list for searches!!!🙃🤗

    1. Wowww Sonia, that sounds SO painful!! Ow, is right! I hope that the bentonite clay/coconut oil packs help with the pain and dissolve the cyst because….owwww….you do not need that pain to keep recurring! 🙁 Did you read Sylvia’s comments below? She wore the packs even during the day because once she saw that it was really working she thought why not wear them all the time? 🙂 You could also ingest the bentonite clay with psyllium to help draw out the toxins from the inside, too.

      There could also be a metaphysical message in having pain related to the cyst in your breast….because breasts are symbolic of nurturing and mothering…and you’re experiencingi pain in that area….it might suggest that you have some pain/hurt/wound from your own mother and the way she nurtured (or didn’t nurture) you…and suggests that you’re going to have to access your Inner Mother in order to nourish your own Self….be goooooood to yourself! These are some things to think about…perhaps what I’ve written is not exactly it – but perhaps there is a thread there that you can follow to your own truth. Recurring issues like this DO suggest that the body (as a big symbol! 🙂 ) is trying to get your attention…so in combination with removing the toxins externally and internally on the physical level you can also help the removal of this nurturing/mothering pain by bringing your awareness to this feeling…writing about ALL of your emotions, feelings, thoughts around this issue will certainly be a fantastic way to clear the emotions around this idea and facilitate healing! 🙂

      Please keep me posted!

      1. Tracy,
        Thank you for the info!!
        My mother was a loving & affectionate most of my life.
        She has been a widow since I was 19 unfortunately. I had to move back in with her 8 yrs ago due to her needing me and I her as I had a mini migraine stroke that took half my vision while I was in an 12 yr relationship and out of town for those years. And I split from my fiancé of 11 yrs. my choice not to get married and unfortunately chose not to have children when I had the chance and the suggestion that I don’t attempt it after I had my stroke as I would be perhaps not here to watch them grow.
        Recently my mother & I have been at odds due to her beliefs & mine. I’ve had some stresses , health issues, injuries, tooth infection, and cpl fall outs with friends possibly on purpose on my end as I needed to eliminate the negativity out of my life. Made fun of cause I am a believer. Perhaps all this has been some of the cause.
        2018 right from the beginning has been 1 step forward 2 steps back kind of year😞

        1. Sonia…Ooooh it sounds like you have had a rough time these past several years 🙁 What a terribly hard decision to make regarding not having children 🙁 Some self-nurturing is definitely required….I hope you are being good to yourself and giving yourself a break… Please let me know if you feel some shrinkage….imagining you do! I hope!

  13. Tracy!

    Thank you, thank you so so much !!!
    I’m so thankful for coming across this site. This information on how to dissolve cysts is of utmost importance to all those that have suffered and may still be suffering.
    I so wish I found this site back in March before goin thru all the pain, almost overdosing on pain meds just cause of how intense the pain was, the aspiration, then them cutting into me to try & drain the cyst and scarring, All the above could have and should have been avoided and I never would have had to go through ALL that BS or the doctors that didn’t have a clue!!

    It’s gone, it’s finally gone!!!!!!!!!!
    YAY I’m so happy i have tears of joy upon writing this.

    P.s. due to my length of time & the size it was. I did the clay packs for 10 days. I did not need to ingest the clay but may choose to do so in future if that is required to prevent them from reoccurring.
    And just the other day I finally took a clay bath. I chose a Bentonite clay/ACV/Epsom salt & cpl drops tea-tree/frankincense oil combo.
    Will be doin that as a reg detox due to all the meds they had me on. Just Don’t do it at night as I was up till 3am lol that mixture revives you!!

    May you Live adventurously,
    May you Laugh uncontrollably,
    May you Love exuberantly!!

    Thank you Tracy!!

    1. Sonia, yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! This is soooo wonderful!! I am so happy for you! And it only took ten days! Isn’t it amazing? You did it! 🙂

      Your bath with all the fixings sounds divine…thanks for the tip that it’s probably best to soak in the morning! 🙂

      I am really thrilled for you, Sonia…here is to your health and happiness…!! Lots of LOVE to you…….

  14. Tracy, I have to echo what others have said in thanking you for your generosity and kindness in sharing what you know. I hadn’t been back to your blog site until now and I was reading about some of the struggles others were having with breast cysts and so glad to hear your suggestions have helped some of them.

    Sonia, if I can share a thought with you. I’m so glad to hear that your cyst is gone. Yay for that. I’m not sure if your doctors told you when they were aspirating your cyst that in most cases the cyst just grows back at some point. Unless they remove the wall/lining of the cyst it will just fill back up with fluid at some point. My doctor was nice enough to tell me it’s something she stopped doing for patients because in most cases they just grew back. My cyst also got to the point of being really painful before I reached out to Tracy for some suggestions and I’m happy to report that mine continues to stay away and if it comes back, I’ll be on the clay/coconut packs again. In the meantime I still do the breast/lymph node exercises 🙂
    Thanks for all you do for others Tracy! You’re a god-send.


    1. Sylvia,

      Thank you for the info. Both doctors that had seen me for either the aspiration and the doc that cut&drained, neither mentioned anything about having to remove the wall/lining. They just kept saying that it may recurr and that I’d have to keep coming back for another aspiration or draining. Which I thought to be rather ignorant.

      Your blessed to have a doctor who is genuine and cares to inform you of truth instead of excuses.

      Thank you.
      You just gave me a reminder to keep doing the breast lymph node exercises as well! Best not to get complacent 🙃

      1. Thanks for your message Sonia.
        Yes, you’re right that I am grateful to have a doctor who was honest enough with me to prevent me from doing unnecessary procedures lacking in long-term results.

        Best wishes to you and continued breast health 🙂

      1. Hello everyone I came upon this site about a month ago when I was really sick with some kind of flu bug for a couple of weeks my mom had to come take care of me and help my kids out and when I went to the doctor they also found two cysts in my breast so went had imaging done and they were just fluid filled cyst thank God and I went home and searched online for online natural remedies for breast cysts and found your thread so I’m on day two of the packs on my breasts . I’m wondering if I can use castor oil instead of coconut oil? I’ve been mixing the benzinote clay and castor oil together and putting it on and then putting saran wrap on top of my breasts and then wearing a tank top with a small shelf bra already in the tank top.

        i’m all better now from being sick and back to work but I really feel strongly that my work the last couple of months and year has been pretty stressful so I’m starting the work from home thing trying to build a business from home and I found a company from Utah that has to do with optimal gut health and mental wellness so I’m pretty excited to learn more about it and the products that they offer for helping our bodies be the best that they can be.

        Thank U thank U so much for this site and offering this information I am praying that these packs work for me and I’ll let you know my results in a week or two or however long it takes to get rid of these cysts.


        1. Hi Kristina!

          Hmmmmm I’ve always loved Edgar Cayce’s Castor Oil Packs (this is my page, too, on my older website: ) but I can’t really speak with any authority on combining castor oil with the bentonite clay instead of the coconut oil. I wish I knew!

          Just make a note that Edgar Cayce says this: “It is generally recommended that a castor oil pack be used for three days in a row and then four days off to treat a health condition or for detoxification.”

          I would love to hear about your results! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  15. Hi Tracey,

    I’m from Malaysia, just found out your article on breast cysts. Thank god! I also have multiple cysts in my right breast since 2013..then after i gave birth on early 2017, i checked again by doing ultrasound, it disappeared. This year, on October 2018..i checked again by doing ultrasound it appear again the multiple cysts, this time, both breast have cysts. I was wondering when u mentioned bentonite clay…is it calcium bentonite clay or sodium bentonite clay? which one i shall use? or it doesnt matter.

    Thank you~

    1. Hi Siti – sorry for the delay responding! My computer motherboard fried and I’ve been computerless…

      When I researched this question a few months ago I found that all bentonite contains calcium and sodium but some suppliers seem to emphasis one over the other – so either is good! I really like this brand as it doesn’t go all muddy and slimy….ugh…I never used to have that problem with bentonite years ago but recently I bought a brand that I just couldn’t use – it didn’t mix well, so I totally recommend: Tierra Buena Pure Clay 🙂 I got mine on amazon. You can use it internally as well as externally. Please keep me posted on how your cysts dissolve! 🙂

  16. Thank you for the advice. I could not find the link to the video with the massage. Could you post it “again”? Thank you!!

  17. Dear Tracey,

    Firstly, thank you very much for your advice.

    I started having cysts since 2016. I got ultrasounds and confirmed they were cysts. I went to the doctor and he said “don’t worry”. Of course I worry! And now I have conglomerate of cysts in my left breasts and they hurt especially when I get my period… I had tried putting cabbage leaves and warm compresses but they alleviate the pain but do not dissolve these damn water balloons:(( I am gonna try your method definitely.

    One question: I have green french clay at home , does this work? I also ordered Bentonite clay from Amazon.

    1. Hi Dilya!

      I’m not sure if French clay is the same as Bentonite and I only have experience with Bentonite so I’m happy you’ve ordered some! Yeah, I hear you! The cysts are worrisome…even though I knew they were cysts I still wanted them outta there! One feels so much better when they are gone. Please keep me posted on their disappearance! 🙂 Also – the breast lymph massages help SO much with breast pain – it’s almost a miracle – you have to try it: I was doing it 3X a day there for a while – but even after ONE massage I felt a lot of pain relief…

      1. Dear Tracey,

        Thank you for your reply. I did the breast lymph massage. It works to relieve the pain for a while but then…my cysts hurt again when I get my period:(((

        I started the bentonite clay pack on 12th of December. I will let you know about the result.

        Could you pls help me read my chart (I don’t know how it works). 20/05/1977


  18. Hi Tracey ,
    I have hit very uncomfortable burning enlarged breasts and have been told I have multiple 5 cm cysts in both breasts ! It’s been uncomfortable for about 5 weeks now and I seem to be just wasting my time in the medical journey , just want some comfort , I’ve been really conscious of diet ( although mines good ) just frustrated at the intensity and suddenness as I’ve never had it before , I’ll definitely aren’t give this a go , oh my birthday is 13/05/73 I was born at 11.55 pm , I’m intrigued if this gives anymore info of why ! Thankyou for your lovely natural wisdom 🌈Helen x

    1. Hello Helen! Where were you born? There is a chance that you have Capricorn rising in which case I see the culprit (transiting Saturn is in Capricorn right now, which would be verrrrry significant for you life-structure-wise) Let me know your birth place and then I’ll be able to see what’s going on. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Hi Tracey!
    I have had a hard cyst diagnosed since March 2018, and I’ve followed the doctors protocol: no excess chocolate or caffeine but it still hasn’t gone away. I’ve tried castor oil too for lymph drainage and massage but none of it has helped so far. I’m a Leo born Aug 5 1996 at around 4 a.m. I’m not sure whether that could give you more insight on my condition.
    I’m going to try this concoction and report back to you within 2 weeks. Thanks so much for your post, it seems like a lifesaver.

    1. Hi Adilene!
      Ahhhh OK – I see what’s going on in your chart. It’s interesting because I usually associate breast lumps with the Moon (rules breasts) and Saturn (such a restricter, hardener) & Capricorn….but here I see that you have the same energies but in a different configuration. You have Mars in Cancer (Cancer rules the Moon and the breasts) so you like to put your energy towards Protecting and nourishing/nurturing others. You have a need to be needed….and then your natal Saturn is exactly square your Mars in Cancer, which brings in that restrictive Saturnian energy to your breasts! To top it off this square of yours is being activated by transiting Saturn in Capricorn! Sooooo for the last year transiting Saturn has been opposing your Mars in Cancer and square your Saturn in Aries…so that it’s been this last year that that cyst has been forming due to challenging circumstances….circumstances that have been restricting your energy. Your animus/inner male – as represented by Mars is a very feminine, nurturing energy and he/she has felt restricted by outside circumstances or by some ‘authority’. I’d say that with your natal Saturn in Aries square Cancer Mars…there is a frustration around taking initiative, starting something new, really being ‘action jackson’ ya know? Feeling a little blocked….but with Saturn in Aries your life lesson is to have COURAGE and to push through that resistance to starting something new and taking action…and you will be rewarded! Sooo you see – that internal restrictive feeling, the feeling of not moving forward (but perhaps crab-like sideways) gets manifested as this cyst in your breast…so, yes, especially now with transiting Saturn exacerbating your natal challenge you need to be EXTRA good to yourself – let yourself BE…don’t be too hard on yourself…nurture yourself…let others nourish you…

      And, of course…put those bentonite and coconut oil packs on your breasts! 🙂 Do the lymph massages 3X a day, too…I am sure your cyst will dissolve! Please keep me posted!

      If you want to generate your chart so you can see what I’m talking about and learn how to read your own chart (there is a wealth of information in your chart for you to tap into! 🙂 ) you can check out my learning page here and generate your own chart for free: /learn-how-to-generate-and-interpret-your-astrological-birth-chart/

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      1. Hi Tracy .
        Thanks . Please where did you get the Bentonite clay and psyllium? Please can you post a link ? It’ll be helpful .

        Thanks a lot .

        1. Hi Zainab! The Bentonite that I really like because I can take it internally (and it doesn’t clump up and get all slimy) as well as externally is Pure Clay by Tierra Buena: And I just get any old psyllium from the local healthfood store – the bulk stuff works just fine. It sounds like you’re planning on taking the Bentonite and Psyllium shakes so just put 1 tbsp of psyllium in the bottom of a glass, top it with 1 tsp of bentonite clay…mix the two together well…add COLD water (warm water will make it go like warm oatmeal immediately!) and stir it up rapidly and drink it back before it gets thick. Chase it with another glass of water. Here is my old page on the B&P shakes specifically: (I used to take 1 tbsp of clay but now I just take 1 tsp 🙂 and, as this was ten years ago, I also recommended a different brand back then) Happy Cleansing!!

          1. Hi Zainab,
            Are you able to feel your cyst through your skin? My past cysts usually shrink substantially and then disappear completely really quickly. Are you doing the clay packs and lymph massage as well as taking the bentonite and psyllium internally?

  20. Hi Tracey,

    Just read your post on how to dissolve cyst, and I’m thankful for it. I have mine last January and just came across your post and I would like to try it. I am from the Philippines I have a hard time looking for the Bentonite clay you’re telling, can you check this site if this Bentonite clay is okay? It seems different but it says it can flush the toxins using bath method, Is this working if I follow your method?

    1. Hi Belle! I just checked out your link to the Bentonite clay and, yes, that looks perfect to mix with the coconut oil for the breast packs. Please keep us all posted – I’d love to hear that your cyst has dissolved. Make sure you do the lymph massage a few times a day, too, it really gets the energy moving in the breasts, which is helpful, too 🙂

      1. Thank you so much. I wasn’t able to thank you this morning, since I was in a rush, and just checked if you replied to my comment, because I wanted to buy it but in doubts if its the same product as you used before. Then I got your reply, now I have it here with me. Yes, I will keep you updated and try all your suggestions. Thanks again!

    1. Hi all the way to Nigeria! I don’t know how you can get bentonite clay in Nigeria but, you know, I am sure that any clay that comes from a clean source would totally work when mixed with coconut oil and packed on your breast. All the details and instructions are listed above 🙂 Remember to do the lymph massage a few times a day, too. And let us all know how it goes 🙂

  21. Thanks. Will try it. Have small water cysts and having a bit of the same experience as you described. Will have an ultrasound soon too.

    1. Ooooh sorry I misunderstood! Ahhhh so you are having a hard time finding one for internal use? That’s too bad! 🙁 I wish I knew where you could get it…

  22. Hello Tracy, thank you so much for thiw post. You are indeed an inspiration for all the ladies suffering from breast cysts. I have got 2 cysts on my breast which so painful and have pzin on my right arm also. I will surely follow your advice. Do you have any picture of the clay packet? Im from Mauritius and i do not know where to find it.. Thanks again.. Shiksha

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond, Shiksha! I don’t have a picture of the clay packet…but essentially you just mix up some powdered clay with a little coconut oil so that the consistency is spreadable, like a paste and not too liquidy. Then, you spread it over the lump on your breast and cover it with a napkin and plastic on top of that and tape it with medical tape right to your breast so that the oil doesn’t leak out when you’re sleeping. Do it every night and I am sure you will see/feel your cyst dissolve. Any kind of external use healing clay will work 🙂 Keep us posted!

    1. Ozioma, simply put a few tablespoons of powdered bentonite clay in a bowl and slowly drizzle in some coconut oil….just so the consistency is pastey and not too liquid. That’s it! It should be spreadable. Then, you spread it over the lump on your breast and cover it with a napkin and plastic on top of that and tape it with medical tape right to your breast so that the oil doesn’t leak out when you’re sleeping. Do this every night and I am sure you will see the cyst dissolve 🙂

  23. Hi Tracy! I’m just curious about breast cyst. It is okay if I will use Indian healing clay for my breast cyst? Thank u

  24. Hi Tracey
    How long does it take a hard lump to shrink I’ve been able to get the bentonite clay nd ve been using it but don’t know if its reducing

    1. Goodnews 🙂 My 5cm breast cyst shrunk in just one week – but I know it took another lady on this thread here one month to shrink her cyst – a cyst she’d had for TWO years! So that is pretty good! Keep it up 🙂 How long have you been putting the clay packs on it? And do you do it every night? If you want to speed things up be sure to do the lymph breast massages 3 times a day, too 🙂 The link to that is above in the body of my page…

    2. and….Goodnews…how hard is your lump? If it is really hard, like gravel, you should go to a doctor to see what it is. If it is a softer, but still quite stiff lump, you should be able to dissolve it since cysts are filled with liquid (toxins, apparently, that your body is corralling for you) and I know many people to dissolve them with these methods.

    1. Hi Gospel! Simply put a few tablespoons of powdered bentonite clay in a bowl and slowly drizzle in some coconut oil….just so the consistency is pastey and not too liquid. That’s it! It should be spreadable 🙂

    1. Be sure to purchase bentonite clay that says ‘for internal use’. I’ve taken it internally for years and had no ill effects – just good ones! Takes away nausea if you’ve eaten something funny, even flushes out roundworms if you do it 3 or 4 times day. Lots of great effects 🙂

    1. Hi Blessing! My favourite brand right now is PURE CLAY by Tierra Buena – it can be used internally and externally. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t clump and go slimy when I mix it with the psyllium…it’s easy to mix and drink back. I was glad to find it as the last brand I bought before that I couldn’t mix at all!

  25. Thank you so much for this! I’ve had multiple cysts on my right breast that grow and shrink depending on my hormonal cycle for several years now.
    I just ordered the bentonite clay, excited to see results!
    Also, I don’t understand much about astrology but I was born 09/23/98 around 7 am

    Sending lots of love! ☀️

    1. Hi Kaylin! Ahhh so happy you are trying the clay – it really works!

      I just checked your chart and verrrrrrry interestingly you were born with Saturn (the restricting energy) opposite your Moon (the nurturing energy and ruler of breasts) Soooo I am not surprised that you tend towards cysts… For the last year or so, though, Uranus, freshly in Taurus, has been sitting atop your Saturn in Taurus and opposing your Moon in Scorpio stirring things up – doing some liberation and urging you to change! Uranus conjunct Saturn can feel quite uncomfortable physically because Uranus encourages personal FREEDOM and Saturn prefers all the old structures and forms….but Uranus would be telling you that some of those old forms (and fears and restrictive feeeeelings) are no longer needed and you need to break free from them (home/mother/authority stuff)…so the sooner you make some of these changes the better 🙂

      Thanks for the love! 🙂 Sending some right back atcha! 🙂

  26. Hi Tracey! wow so glad I found this… I have had so many cysts in both breasts in the past and most of them have been aspirated. Every time I get them its like having a bad nightmare. I just discovered 3 on the first day of my period last week and before I run off to get them checked I want to try your packs. I just wanted to ask, will Aztec healing clay also work as its something I have at home?

    1. Hi Mira! Sorry for the delay answering! Hmmmmm I’ve never heard of Aztec healing clay – I’d love to know if you found it works, though! I think bentonite might have specific properties but you never know….Would love to hear about your experience! 🙂

  27. hi Tracy!

    I came across your blog close to two months ago, this was the night before I was suppose to see my GP for fine needle aspiration as the cyst ( 2 inches approx and is benign) was getting larger and starting to be painful. The night i read your blog, i was given a sigh of hope as I really have no intention for any medical intervention. The following day, I started my bentotite clay pack on my cysts area… i was hoping for possible movements in a weeks time but it took a little while. Two weeks have passed and i started to feel some tiny tiny ache in the area of the cysts – this i was hoping is the start of the shrinking – and it was. Mine is a slow in progress. For almost two months now, the cysts is around 10% and I thank the Lord everyday for that day. I thank Him for leading me to your blog. What you shared is a blessing to many women out there struggling to understand what is going on. Your blog gave hope and most especially the testimonies from generous women which allowed readers to understand further. Once this thing is done, I will share your site in a way will bring hope to those in need. God bless you Tracy and to all who shared their experiences.


    1. Hi Ailene!
      Ahhhhh thank you SO much for sharing your story – I am so happy it’s shrinking and almost gone now. Good good! I, too, am very grateful for all the women who share their experiences here as it is so helpful for all the women who come after.

      I very recently saw an image of the milk-ducts in a breast – let’s see if I can post it here – and it became really clear that this is where our cysts are forming – in the milk-ducts – because they tend to be long and and just this shape!

      Milk Ducts Breast Cyst

      Please keep us posted, Ailene – lovely to hear from you!!!

  28. Hi Tracey,

    I would also like to resonate what all other ladies have said here. Thank you Tracey so much for this blog! I also tried the topical application of bentonite clay+coconut oil and see 90% reduction on the palpable lump i was feeling on my right breast. On ultrasound, they said there are 2 complex cysts on my left breast as well which i cannot feel. I did not put the paste on my left breast yet coz i did not feel the cysts. But, I would like to try now. So wanted to check if i shall be applying the paste all over my left breast?

    Thanks again and God bless!

    1. Hi Ankita!
      Ahhhhh that is so great – 90% reduction – yayyyy!! It sounds like you may as well cover your left breast with the paste, too, since you can’t feel the other cysts. If you can’t feel them they must be very small, which is good. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone and I’m imagining the total dissolving of all cysts involved 🙂

  29. Hi Tracey,

    Reading yours and all these comments has been so helpful! I have a palpable cyst on my right breast for a long time now that comes and goes (sometimes mammos and ultrasounds catch it and other times it isn’t there). Interestingly on my recent mammo, all was clear, and 2 weeks later I had a huge cyst in the same location as the original (so it may have refilled). I’m fairly sure the pressure during the mammogram aggravated the cyst- and I have heard this happen to others as well (I think someone on this thread mentioned it too). The cyst seems to have started shrinking a bit, but I will definitely try your suggestions to speed it up!



    1. Hi Noel!
      Ahhhhh excellent, yes please try the clay packs 🙂 Yessss for sure the mammogram had something to do with it refilling…a good friend of mine is telling everyone she knows to switch to THERMAL mammograms – they don’t have any radiation and don’t squish your breasts between metal plates like that! Ugh. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

  30. Amazing results! A few years back I found a cyst on the side of my breast which was really sore. After my mammogram (breast felt like it was in a vice clamp) the doctor said ‘Good news it’s only a cyst I can remove it now or you can have it removed later’. I went ahead and let her extract the liquid with a long needle, Tbh I was so relieved that it wasn’t anything else the needle thing was minor. Fast forward to last week I noticed the cyst was coming back, I had done a parasite detox, maybe my body was trying to eliminate toxins, Idk but this thing was growing daily and feeling really painful. My mum felt the lump and told me to book an appointment with the doc and in the mean time try some argile clay (the really long needle now felt major!). After a quick google I found this article 🙂 I had some french green clay (argile) at home so I made a slurry with the coconut oil and applied with some bandage gauze, covered in cling film and slept with it all night. I did the breast massage before I put on the clay but only a mild version as by then I was in agony. The next morning I could not believe it, it felt calmer, and cooler. I continued to do the massage for a few times the next day. Then life took over. A few days later my mum asked about the cyst, ‘oh yeah the cyst, what cyst?’ I was amazed it had shrunk! I still can’t believe it. It really has gone down in size, I can still feel where it originates but the pain has gone.
    I only did the clay pack once and drank some clay twice (this is not advice its just what I did) and drank lots of water. I also did the massage frequently, it’s easy to do in bed or on the sofa. Defo still going to the doc next week but I will continue with the clay packs. Somehow this combo works!
    Thank you for sharing this : ) ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

    1. Awesome!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Such great news – thanks so much for sharing with everyone here! I’m happy to know someone else drinks the clay, too 🙂 I really feel like ingesting it helps with a myriad different issues. Yipppeeeee!! ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 right back atcha, Peaches!

  31. HI TRACEY,
    i am Mahboube 38 from Iran , i have fibrocysts breast and have some simple cysts in my left breast too. After 7 months of suffring pain i found u today on the google search. I have hope to dissolve my cysts by using your remedy. I was born on 8th jan. 1982 unknown hour. Can i have ur ID on Instagram or ur WhatsApp No., ? If u agree i want to do it on ur supervision. Would be so thankful if talk with me. God bless you

    1. Hi Mahboube! Very nice to meet you here – all the way from Iran! 🙂 Sorry I am late replying here…but, did you start the clay packs and massages yet? I hope so! Perhaps you have some good news for all of us.

      I just looked at your chart and see that you’re a Capricorn and your Moon is in Cancer (only if you were born in the evening). There are two rather heavy planets affecting you right now (and for the last couple of years, too): Saturn and Pluto. They are both in your sign, Capricorn, hanging around your Sun. Saturn restricts and focuses and makes one feel verrrrry Responsible….while Pluto transforms…It looks like you’re coming out the other side of a 2 year transit of deeeeeeep transformation with Pluto. Death/Rebirth, Healing…like the old you is dying and a new you is being born. There is a lot going on, Mahboube! It feels like the cysts are a manifestation of these challenges…and that you may be being too hard on yourself…feeling things too seriously…so I urge you to do the clay packs and massages and to breathe and take some time for yourself if you can…let the energies move through you…dissolve any hardness, rigidity, control….

      And please keep us posted! I don’t have instagram or whatsapp – I’m still using an ancient Nokia phone! 🙂

  32. Dear Tracey,

    Thank you so much for sharing your successful stories in dissolving the breast cysts! I have read all the posts here and I also started to use bentonite clay and do breast massage as suggested by you since about 2 weeks ago. However, my hard cyst (the only one I can feel in my left breast because it should be close to the skin) is not changing at all. Breast ultrasound showed that I have 5 cysts (fibroadenomas and hypoechoic nodules) ranging from size 5 mm/0.2′ to 9 mm/0.4′ in both breasts. I don’t have any pain. I only noticed the appearance of the hard cyst around March this year after an extreme detox. So, I guess the cysts started to form since 5 months ago.

    My doctor said the cancer risk is less than 3% and he didn’t suggest a biopsy and asked me to observe the development and I should go back to see him after half a year.

    Most ladies here shared their successful stories of shrinking down fluid cysts. Only Ailene had a hard cyst and she used 2 months to shrink it down. But before that, she already began to feel the start of the shrinking after 2 weeks of clay. The hard cyst I can feel is very hard, like a gravel, I think. Do you have some new knowledge about fibroadenomas and they can be shrunk down with clay?

    Thank you so much if you happen to know something and for the great work you are doing here!

    1. Hi Cassie!

      Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with fibroadenomas – I wish I did, so I could pass the information on! 🙁 My suggestion would to just keep up the clay packs and massages and if you feel comfortable ingesting bentonite clay with psyllium 3X a day I’d that in, too. I do hope we get to hear the good news that your cyst is shrinking.

      Hmmmm very recently actually, a good friend of mine used CBD oil with THC – medical grade – to shrink her breast cyst that was very hard and there for some months – so if you can get a hold of something like that, that’s worth a try, too. She put it on her breast topically – and didn’t ingest it.

      I hope to hear from you soon!!

      1. Hi Tracey,

        Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback! Yes, I’ll post about the results if I have some success.

        Just need to keep trying.

        Wishing you a great day!

  33. Hallo, dear Tracey!
    I have also problems with cysts.
    I have a question, what is psyllium, where it can be bought?
    Would like to try Your system.

    With greetings, Baiba

    1. Hi Baiba! Psyllium is the husk of a seed and is a soluble fiber. It is able to pass through your digestive system without being completely broken down or absorbed. You can get it at any local health food store – it’s even here in my local Mexican health food store 🙂 Good luck and keep us posted please!

  34. Hello,
    Great post. I am curious, for those who have a coconut allergy can you suggest another oil? Is castor oil a good substitute? Thanks for all the comments, very interesting to hear all your stories…. Also I add activated charcoal to my P&B shakes, do you think this is helpful or harmful?

    1. Hi Apple! 🙂

      Yes, I think you could substitute castor oil (I love Edgar Cayce and his castor oil packs!) for the coconut oil. But…I would go with following Edgar Cayce’s rule of 3 days on, 4 days off with castor oil. During the four days off you could just use avocado oil or even olive oil.

      Hmmm I think adding activated charcoal to the shakes is maybe too much – I would keep them separate – they might interact strangely. Maybe just take the charcoal in between the B&P shakes if you really want to add charcoal to your regimen 🙂

      Would love to hear how it goes!

  35. Hi Tracey,
    I had a surgery in 2016, and the result shows it to be a fibroadenoma weighing 8g…I notice another growth now in the two breasts …Can I use the bentonite clay method too?
    And please if not I need help on how to get rid of it
    It hurts more during mensuration
    Please will be grateful for any help

    1. Hello Lyanuoluwapo – well that is good news that it is fibroadenoma and not cancerous. You really need to make sure you do the lymph massage a few times a day – I swear, when my breasts were hurting and feeling fibrous the massages helped pretty much instantly…they just get everything moving instead of the energy stagnating in the breasts creating lumps, you know? So please do that. You can definitely use the bentonite clay/coconut oil paste on your breasts – just follow the instructions above and keep at it every night. The lumps will dissolve. Recently a friend of mine dissolved her hard lump using CBD oil with THC…putting the oil on every night.

      Don’t forget the emotional side to this either….try to be extra accepting of yourself and how everything is in your life. Don’t beat yourself up for whatever feelings you’re having right now…no feelings are ‘impossible’…you’re allowed to feel them. Give yourself a break and don’t feel like you have to be productive and working allll the time…

      Keep us posted, please!

  36. Dear Tracey,

    About two months ago you recommended CBD oil with THC for shrinking down fibroadenomas. Recently I have started to look into it since coconut + bentonite clay + breast massage didn’t help to shrink down my fibroadenomas after 4 months (I did it almost everyday except when I was traveling or too tired). Can you ask your good friend which CBD oil with TCH she is using? I’d like to know the oil content of her brand and try to get the same oil. Thanks a lot for your help!


    1. Cassie! Sorry I just saw this post now….I’ll ask my friend which CBD oil she is using and get right back to you. Ayyy you have some stubborn cysts there…hopefully the CBD oil will work. I’ll let you know. It might be a few days because this friend is travelling right now…

    2. Cassie – Unfortunately my friend bought the CBD oil with THC from a woman who makes it locally here in Mexico. She was taking it internally as well as putting it on topically. She says that, in the US a good brand is: “2Rise Naturals”. VERY good quality, too. It says “Full Spectrum Hemp, Bioavailable Tumeric”. So perhaps you can get that one?

    3. Cassie – did you see Sonia’s post today? She used castor oil with the bentonite clay and has had real success with that combo – perhaps you can try this?

      1. Hi Tracey,

        Thanks a lot for your replies! Not sure I can any CBD oil here in Korea. I have asked my doctor. I also tried clay + castor oil for several months but it didn’t work for me. I guess Sonia doesn’t have fibroadenomas like in my case but she might have fluid cysts (she didn’t say it clearly).

        Anyway, thanks a lot for your information and I’ll just keep trying. If I have any results I’ll post them here. =)

  37. Hello – thank you for posting this. I just discovered a “lump” in my left breast my doctor said it’s probably nothing as it feels smooth and easy to move. I did get a referral to the breast clinic.. I’m scared. Will this work for me.. I feel the lump inside my breast

    1. Hi Naz! It’s great that your doctor has already said that it’s probably nothing but I know how you feel! The first time I had a lump I was sooooo scared! If it’s the same kind of fluid-filled cyst that I, and many people here, have had then, yes, this method can totally get rid of it! Remember to do the breast lymph massage a few times, daily, as well as the clay/coconut oil breast packs at night. Drink lots of warm water, too, to flush the system. And then please keep us posted here! Imagining your cyst shrinking to non-existence before you even go to the breast clinic 🙂

  38. Hi Tracy!

    I was here in summer 2018 dealing with my breast cyst and 10 days of clay/coconut oil healed me. I will never forget and I will always be thankful for your posts!!!
    I felt the need to post something new here and say hello of course!

    I found another clay mix that may work a bit better and faster especially if coconut oil is not working for some. I have searched the internet allot but have found nothing posted on the mix. Through intense research on one single ingredient and only due to experiencing a new discomfort I found that many have used pure castor oil for centuries as an extraction method through skin alone and seen miraculous results.
    Early January 2020 I woke to a massive cyst the size of a golf ball behind my left knee, and oh so tender to the touch, couldn’t even walk. Again doctors said they couldn’t do too much except for either extraction through syringe or cutting and draining with surgery to remove entire cyst lining but stated it could still return. I was like Nope Not again!!!

    First I tried the same mix of coconut oil and clay for 2 days, seemed to be working. However day 3 it grew bigger then ever. Day 4 to Day 6 mixed castor oil and clay instead, and it was GONE. And I could walk without discomfort. Also where breast cyst once was It seemed to be tender in the area this past week, so I mixed castor oil & clay again, and that was better in 24hrs.

    I just wanted to share. Clay & Castor Oil will forever be a part of my medicine cabinet. Others may want to try this over the coconut oil. It is truly a gift and has so many uses.

    1. Sonia – ahhhh this is fantastic to hear! I DO love castor oil myself (being an Edgar Cayce fan)….I think I will try your method tonight, having discovered a biggish lump in my breast just last night. Luckily, it feels like all the others so I expect it will dissolve, too…but let me try the castor oil and bentonite clay this time! Thank you for the tip – I hope everyone here see your post. I think I’ll add it in to the body of my page, too. Thank youuuu!!

  39. P.s. the cyst behind knee was a bakers cyst. It’s cause is unknown, but mainly shows up in athletes, runners or those who workout unfortunately.

  40. Hi Tracey
    Would you recommend this treatment for shrinking lumps or cysts if they have not been diagnosed? I have had an ultrasound done for a lump I discovered in my left breast but would not agree to a biopsy but instead requested a lumpectomy only to be practically thrown out of the establishment because I would not comply with what was suggested to be done. Anyone should know that you shouldn’t break the capsule of “poison” and that it should be removed completely or shrunk down with diet and lifestyle changes. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Lily – I totally agree with you! I had the only mammogram I will ever have years ago after I found my first lump (turned out to be a fluid-filled cyst) and I remember thinking: Seriously? You are going to squish my breast into a pancake and risk damaging or puncturing or irritating the lump that is there?? It just seemed so stupid. So yeah, I agree with you on the biopsy. No!

      I’m not a doctor but I really can’t see there being any harm in trying these methods to shrink and dissolve a lump before getting diagnosis. Try the bentonite clay/coconut oil or castor oil packs or the CBD oil if you want and see what happens. Would love to hear from you!

  41. Hi Tracey,
    I am so grateful that I have come across your website. I am from Australia and for the past 20 years I have had regular breast ultrasounds for “innumerable cysts in both my breasts”. These range from simple to complex cysts and seem to come and go regularly. Last October, quite a number of cysts seemed to develop in my left breast, what seemed like overnight! I had an ultrasound and instead of being concerned about the multitude of extra large cysts, it was suggested that I have a Fine Needle Aspiration on two cysts – one in each breast that appeared complex. My doctor, thankfully, said that she would give me time to see if these would resolve on their own as there was no suspicious nature to these cysts. I have had a follow up ultrasound in December last year which showed a small reduction in one of the complex cysts and no change in the other one or any of the simple cysts 🙁
    I have been seeing a Naturopath and having a monthly lymphatic drainage massage and I am due for a repeat ultrasound this month or in April. I am going to give your bentonite clay packs a try on both breasts – would you recommend that I start with the coconut oil or the castor oil?
    Also, as I am not too familiar with astrology, do you think there was something in my chart that may have caused these cysts to develop in October last year? My birthday is the 15th September 1973. I was born at 4.18pm.
    I would be so grateful for any advice that you have. I am desperately trying to keep my breasts healthy and trying even harder to avoid a FNA!!
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Tracie! (in Mexico we say, Tocaya! when a person has the same name as you 🙂 )
      I would say use your intuition whether you’re drawn to the coconut oil or the castor oil – I have only used the coconut oil so far but I know others have used the castor oil with great success and I do believe in castor oil, definitely.

      I also really believe that taking the bentonite and psyllium internally 3X a day will make the detox and dissolving of the cysts go faster. The bentonite I really like, that doesn’t clump or go slimy, is called Tierra Buena Bentonite Clay and I get it on eBay.

      Let me check your birthday 🙂 OK yeah, you’ve got the exact same transit that I have when I get breast cysts! Sooo your Moon (rules the breasts and your mother and your nurturing feelings towards your self) is in Aries and sitting right beside your Aries Moon is Chiron (the Wounded Healer. That implies you may have a wound related to your mother…and a little trauma around that (Uranus opposes your Chiron/Moon) because there was an emotional separation with her…perhaps she was angry or your impression of her was that she was/is selfish… There’s a lot there, anyway. So that’s your Moon position. But Saturn (the energy that restricts and, in my experience is the energy behind lumps of all kinds…) has been in Capricorn since 2018. Saturn is now ready to move into Aquarius on March 23rd. In 2018 Saturn was transiting the earlier degrees of Capricorn: Zero to 15. But in 2019 Saturn moved into the later degrees – which is where your Chiron and Moon sit (19 and 25 degrees respectively) so it really was last year, in 2019 that you were experiencing Saturn square your natal Chiron/Moon. For me this is exactly the energy that helps to create the lumps because of how Saturn affects our emotional selves. He is a real drag! He restricts and depresses…makes one feel lonely or as though one hasn’t ‘succeeded’ in life…it’s hard to feel (moon) happy while he is bearing down on you…and it’s very hard to be good to yourself, to give yourself a break…That transit seems to make everyone extra hard on themselves. So this emotional hardness manifests as lumps in our breasts (symbols of nurturance). It’s pretty wild, isn’t it?

      Even though Saturn is going to move into Aquarius (and away from squaring your Chiron/Moon) at the end of March, he’s going to retrograde back into late degree Capricorn later in 2020 soooo this transit lasts a little longer now. BUT, now that you know it’s there, you can work with it…you can do these packs and dissolve them this way…and also look at the emotions that have been cropping up and examine them. Do a lot of writing…be good to yourself…give yourself a break. A good way to use the Saturn energy is to prune away anything that is no longer serving a purpose. Since the Moon also rules our Home…it might be that there is a lot of stuff to throw away, to pare down…in Relationships there might be some serious pruning to do, too…

      Please keep us posted, Tracie, on the shrinkage!!

  42. I wanted to write about my experience with this method to help us that suffer from painful breast cysts. I want to first say THANK YOU for this article..I wish I had seen this a year ago! Also, THANK YOU FOR ALL the comments and suggestions as well. I had a bad cyst right behind my nipple a year ago. I tried the natural way at first, it made it more painful. I couldn’t cope and I was afraid even after having a mammogram at the time. About a week ago, I felt it coming back. I dreaded the thought. I prayed and decided I had to do something. I found this article. I had some bentonite clay that didnt specifically say I could injest it so I ordered more. I used what I already had with castor oil, thc/cbd oil..a few drops of frankincense, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. I wrapped it overnight. I did this two nights and since I work from home just kept it on most of the day. The third day I got the new stuff. It looked so different and a lot darker than the other. I made my mask and wrapped it again. I didnt take it off until around 7pm tonight. Well it was really itching and i oulled the saran wrap a little to adust it and that’s when I saw the pus shoot out almost. It began to fill. It stunk like nothing i have ever smelled. It came out of the incision made and made a little hole of its own almost. Really small. I got in shower and washed the area really good with antibacterial soap. I still feel a little tenderness and want to give it a rest tonight and star t again tomorrow. I also did the lymph exercises and drank a p&b shakes 2 so far. 80% of pain is gone and i can’t wait to heal it all the way. Thank God and you ladies too!! It works

    1. Wow, Terri, that’s incredible!! I have never heard of any cyst liquid coming out through the breast skin before! Wowwww. I remember when I had my first cyst aspirated with a needle the fluid that was extracted was a greeny brown – really yucky, but of course, I couldn’t smell it. I imagine it wouldn’t smell the best! What an experience. What hole/incision did it come out of, though? Sounds amazing and so happy most of the pain is gone. Keep on going, because it sounds like the right thing to do! And thank you so much for sharing your unique recipe, too 🙂 Please keep us posted on what happens next!

      1. I had surgery on my breast/ cyst a year ago. He left a small hole and told me later it was for drainage. I can guarantee what they took from your breast was the same material. It was as you described m..just awful. I saw it just pour out. I took a break last night from the clay just because I left it on for so long 😉 I am still super happy. My pain has been drastically reduced. Im ready to get the rest. Thank you! Thank you sooo much. I will report back again

  43. I Have read through all the posts and enjoyed reading about bentonite clay. i have purchased some and am drinking the detox drink as well as used the clay and castor oil pack on my breast cyst for 2 nights. my cyst is pretty much from necrotic fat cells. i had a lumpectomy 2 years ago and 8 months ago this lump started cbd has been helping but now the last 2 months it has been more painful i tried breast massage but that seems to give me more pain, then i tried castor oil packs but they did not seem to dissolve it. the two nights i did the clay i used castor oil instead of coconut oil. is that stronger? one night i did only 45 min as i didnt know how it would turn out and 2nd night i did 2 hours and i ended up having more pain, also drank 2 liters of water so right now only doing the drink. there is a spot on the cyst which is scarred from surgery? could that be causing more pain? i was hoping it would work. after the two nights i noticed on outside of cysts two bumps are up. Anyone have any suggestions? i am getting tested for cancer like i do every 6 months, last time it had just started and my numbers were acually better .

    1. Hi Helen!

      I know that Edgar Cayce says that castor oil should only be used up to 1 1/2 hours at a time for a few days in a row (on for 3 days and off for 4 days) – but coconut oil can be left on all night – maybe you can try that next? It’s great you are doing the B&P drinks as well and drinking a lot of water. Are you saying the cyst is right under where you have a scar? Do you think it’s attached to the scar tissue? I would move to the coconut oil/clay packs all through the night and see what happens. Are you able to get ‘thermal’ mammograms instead of the radiation kind? I’ve heard that these are much healthier.

      Also – remember the emotional factor with breast lumps…allow yourself to feel however you ARE feeling…acknowledge it, bring it up from your sub and unconscious into the light of day and just accept that THAT is how you’re feeling. It’s OK. What’s not really good is suppressing or repressing how you’re feeling.

      Have you checked out this writing exercise a healer gave me to do? Scroll down on this page to #2 and check it out. I think it could really help with the emotional aspect of having breast lumps: /healing-energy-exercises/ And don’t forget to be kind to yourself…let yourself BE 🙂

      Please keep us posted!! Imagining your cyst dissolving dissolving dissolving….

    2. I discovered 5 breasts cysts in April 2020 very huge ones in both breasts, I started in April to apply bentonite clay and coconut oil, by July 24th 2020 all the breast cysts were gone, thanks so much for all you do here

        1. Hi Mahboube! It depends on how long you have had them for. I have had a large cyst disappear in under 1 week. Another woman here had her cyst for two years but it was gone in under 2 months! 🙂

  44. Hi Tracey how many nights do you need to do the bentonyte clay and coconut oil mask to see results? Is it safe to do for a week or so? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Vanessa! I did the packs for only five days and saw results. It is totally safe to do for weeks at a time…I know one woman who had a very old cyst that she’d had for two years and she did the packs and the lymph massages daily and her cyst dissolved in under two months 🙂 Drink lots of warm water to flush the toxins and keep you hydrated. Please let us know how it goes!

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