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Healing in Ibiza with energy exercises

Ahhh where to begin?

Perhaps I’ll begin by saying that if you don’t want to hear my long ramble about how I found myself in need of a healer when I was in Europe in the fall of 2015 you can scroll down to find the regimen that she gave me that reallllly helped me and made me feel 100% better! She cured herself of MS and the energy exercises she taught me come from Donna Eden, who also cured herself of MS. SO if you have something serious like that, the regimen I list below will definitely help! And if you have something less serious but are feeling unhealthy or as though you are on your way to having something serious then this regimen will also help!

barcelona_panic_attackOK, so, the story begins with me arriving in Barcelona on August 31st, 2015. I was on something like Day 5 of an extraordinarily strong and awful-feeling anti-biotic that I could not avoid taking unfortunately. I felt tired but also like I couldn’t see very well, the bright sun made me squint and, as I told my mom several times, I felt sub-human. Like barely there.

So the scene is set: I arrive, very excited, in Barcelona after a lonnnnng flight from Vancouver with no sleep at all (I can never sleep on airplanes). I meet the airbnb person at a metro stop and then we make our way to the apartment in the neighbourhood of El Born, together. She shows me around and then leaves. I go out for a walk for a few hours and then come back to have a nap so I’m ready for when my friend arrives at 6:30 pm. I lock myself in with one of those chain-slider-thingies. I honestly don’t know why I did that – I just have always liked those things, they are fun to use and plus I was crazy-tired!

How to cure yourself of anxiety symptomsWELL…I hear my friend yell up four floors from the street below and I go to open the door to run down and open the door for her when….when…I can’t get the damn door open! That chain-lock-thingy will NOT slide BACK! I am freaking out. I run, like a chicken with it’s head cut off, back and forth from the balcony to look over on to the street to the door and try again. There are a bunch of switches by the door that I rapidly press (they look like light switches, white and modern) because I don’t know if there is a buzzer for the door below. The building is from the 1800s and somehow it doesn’t seem like there would be a buzzer. So I am in full-on panic mode now (I’ve never experienced this before in my life, it’s new to me!) because 1. my little Mexican cell phone has run out of battery and I do not have a European adapter for my charger yet and 2. My computer has run out of juice, too, so there is no way to contact anyone in the outside world! Ever! I have never felt this terrified in my life. I am frantically looking for a screwdriver to take the lock off the waTime to heal!ll, worried, too, that my friend is wondering why I’m not coming down to open the door but, to my wonderment, I can hear my friend calling my name as she comes up the stairs (how did she get in? was one of those light-switch thingies a buzzer!?). Finally, she arrives outside the door that opens just 2″ and asks me what is wrong. I tell her that the lock won’t unlock and I am stuck in here!! Eventually, I calm myself and think: maybe it’s not broken. Maybe I just need to figure out, logically, how to get it to open. I slide my finger down the inside of the slider until I feel a ledge that keeps the little metal nub in lock mode and won’t let it budge. I press down on the back metal bit that, to my surprise, depresses since it’s unexpectedly very thin metal and, voila, the lock slides along the slider to unlock. Oh my GOD!!! Brutal. This type of lock is completely different in Canada!! It turns out that there is the smallest of black buttons beside it that you can depress to make it unlock but it looked to me like a tiny broken screw and not a button at all, so I didn’t bother with it! Ack!

barcelona spiral staircase panic attack
Here’s our Barcelona apartment’s staircase – super cool – and a fair representation of my state of mind! Spiralling down….

Annnyway, I hope I have conveyed the panic I felt: being locked in a room with no way out ever.  Man! I had no way to communicate with anyone outside my room with both my devices dead and no way to charge them. Oh goodness. What a way to start a 5 week European trip!

So, that night we have a good dinner and all is well, but I’m tired and anti-biotic-y of course. But no big deal…or so I thought.

The next day it starts….I just can’t walk properly. I feel totally dizzy. I feel like I am walking a little like a drunk person. My head feels light, I feel like I’m going to faint and my abdomen has a heavy, crampy feeling, which is highly unusual. I think that it’s the anti-biotics – they are poisoning me!

That night we go out for dinner and I can’t keep up my end of the conversation. I can’t remember what we were just talking about. I can’t even put a sentence together! My friend looks at me with real concern, “Amiga, are you OK….???” I felt like I was in a nightmare. I didn’t feel at all like myself. I had no idea who this person was. This person who couldn’t think clearly or converse properly. I remember My Healing Experience in Ibizalooking at the tapas menu which was on a board by our table and divided into three rough sections. I wanted three items but I could not remember them for the life of me. Because I was beginning to feel reeeeeally embarrassed I was trying really hard to remember them but even, visually, I couldn’t remember which sections they were in. It was awful.

That night we went back to our apartment and I cried and cried and cried in bed and wrote in my journal that I was sure I had some horrible neurological disease and I was for sure dying.

I haMarrakech's maze didn't help my poor sense of direction - ha!d this whole glorious five-week European trip ahead of me and here I was: dying. Oh great! Way to ruin my trip! I just tried to get through the days without sounding like an idiot or fainting and do the best I could. In the back of my mind I thought that I’d find a healer in Ibiza – but first we had to go to the Permaculture Convergence in the UK and then Marrakesh! I improved a little in the coming days and weeks but my memory was still terrible, my sense of direction scarily off like I never really knew where I was, I felt faint and dizzy much of the time, I still had a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen and I heard this constant whooooshing in my brain like I could hear my blood itself pumping through my head but I ignored all the symptoms as best I could and kept on goin’… There didn’t seem to be any other option. I didn’t go see a conventional doctor because I don’t trust them at all. If something were reeeeally wrong we’d have to do tests and I wasn’t about to do that in Europe while travelling.

Then we arrived in Ibiza. Aaaaaahhhhh!

I loved this guest casa in Ibiza!
This is the entrance to our casa – just perfect!

As soon as we stepped into our first rental casa for our first week there, I knew: This is where I HEAL. It was clear. The house was set in the gorrrrgeous Ibizan countryside with stone walls lining the old country lanes and the house itself had many different places to sit (my favourite thing to do!) in it’s little green courtyard, with plants and trees….I just remember feeling abundant Healing Energy. Plain and simple. This was perfect.

The first thing I did was google, “Energy Healer Ibiza”. I knew I didn’t want to see a regular doctor or body worker or even a traditional chinese medicine person. I wanted an energy healer. Not that I’d ever been to one before!! It just sounded like what I needed.

Sabina Energy Healer IbizaThe first google page came up and I scrolled through the options….a few down I read the first little description of the page and clicked on it. Up came Sabina’s page. I looked at the photograph of her and knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was my Healer! Yes, she was the One! She radiated Clarity and Strength. Exactly what I needed right now. Her page was the only page I clicked on! ????

I started my email to her right away without exploring her website. I was afraid that maybe it was an old website and who knows if she was here right now? It was October and I know that Ibiza is seasonal. So I started emailing her. Then, my friend came in and so I showed her who I’d found and clicked on another of her pages. That was when I read that she’d cured herself of MS. That cinched it. Here I thought I had some neurological disease so if she could cure herself of MS surely she could help me cure myself of whatever it was that I had!

The healing ocean of Ibiza helped, too….

The reason I was so sure that I had a neurological disease was because my step-dad developed Parkinsons a few years ago. Years before he was diagnosed I noticed that he was having trouble with his balance and that his mind wasn’t completely engaged with you when you talked to him. He’d also had a panic/scare when the stock market crashed in 2008 which seems to be a trigger for Parkinsons: some large stress or panic (like losing a bunch of money) makes your mind disassociate from your body. It’s an actual physical/neurological thing it’s not the psychological Disassociation term. Say you’re in a horrible car accident and the person you’re with is a dying bloody mess. Well, your body sends out chemicals so that you disassociate from the situation because it is so horrific. It’s your body’s self-preservation method. If you don’t do something to stop yourself from disassociating, however, that will be your new method of operation and essentially you’re telling your body, mind and spirit that you’re ready to check out. Annnyway, that was a bit of an aside but now, years later, my step father is worse and this is, unfortunately, where I saw myself going because I seemed to have similar symptoms!

So, back to Sabina. She emailed me right back and said she was there on Ibiza and we set up an appointment. Relief!! Yay!

Beautiful Ibizan countryside

I didn’t know what to expect but I arrived and we sat in her living room. It was really only the day before that I’d even thought that perhaps my whole problem actually stemmed from the panic that first day. Here I’d been thinking that the anti-biotics had triggered something and now my disease was exposed. So, I gave her a brief history of my health issues (I’ve had several since I moved to Mexico including dengue fever, shingles and more…) and then added at the end….and, you know, I had this panic situation when I first arrived and I was thinking that mayyyybe it had something to do with my health right now….? I explained the experience to her in detail.

She was so calm and beautiful when she said, with her German accent, “The health issues you are describing are classic anxiety, panic and fear symptoms.” Really????? I could feel a flicker of hope already.

Yes. Dizziness, loss of balance, memory loss, disorientation…

Oh my god.

Healing in IbizaShe told me her own story, which inspired in me the feeling that I, too, was going to heal myself. She was at a stage with MS where she couldn’t walk very well at all and was sitting on a bench between doctor appointments (who said that they essentially couldn’t help her and that she’d soon need a wheel-chair – there is nothing they can do for MS, etc.) when she realized that she could not spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair and she’d just have to find a way to get better. Which she did. I wish she’d write about what she did exactly. I have a feeling, though, it was very similar to the regimen she gave to me to do. Maybe she took supplements, I’m not sure, she didn’t tell me to take anything. I am pretty sure she changed her diet, though.

You may be thinking that I just had classic panic-anxiety symptoms but I had the feeling that if I didn’t take the bull by the horns now, who knows where the path I was on was leading me!?

What was really beautiful was how relaxed I felt when Sabina was talking. Everything she said had a soft, hypnotic quality, without her even trying…I felt as though her words were like little seeds falling on the fallow ground of my mind that were instantly sprouting and growing….I was soaking it all up.

Healing Chiron Pisces Neptune Ibiza
The heavenly waters around Ibiza…

As I sat there and listened to her I thought: she’s got to have some Pisces planets or a strong Neptune! I later asked her her birthday and, sure enough, she is a Pisces with a Pisces Mercury – perfect! Her Pisces Mercury trines my Scorpio Mercury/Neptune (hence the fertile mind-ground feeling ???? ) and her Sun/Mercury sits with my Chiron (wounded healer) and Saturn in Pisces. I just happened to be going through the very beginning of my Chiron return, too! Too cosmically perfect.

Anyway, I will list the regimen she gave me below so it’s easy to read. I went to her two times, a week a part. After that first session I would say that I felt 60% better because she had put my mind at ease (mind was a big part of the battle!) and had given me things to do so that I could be radiantly healthy on all levels! Because it takes health on all levels in order to heal. I can’t believe how right-up-my-alley her ideas were. I picked the right healer, that is for sure!

Oh yeah, on the second visit I thought I’d bring up the whooshing in my brain that was driving me nuts! It was so loud. It was worrisome! What was going on in there? Why was I hearing the blood pulse through my brain? Surely this was proof of some horrible health problem? ???? Again, very calmly, she explained that because of the anxiety I experienced and the worry I have about having a terminal disease my mind is focusing on things that it doesn’t normally focus on: like the blood pulsing through my brain! Ha! Anxiety causes more anxiety. I’d had the whooshing for 3 weeks now and after that second session with her the whooshing got less that very evening and in a few days was completely gone! Yay.

Healing Regimen

First: Whenever I felt dizzy, like the world was tipping or I felt unbalanced I was to name all the objects around me. Look at them and simply name them. Tree. Car. Sidewalk. Sign. Person. Store. etc. This instantly took away the dizziness. I’m serious. Instant! If dizziness due to fear-stress-anxiety-panic-attack is your problem, you have to try it.

Every morning I would sit up in bed and do this:

1. A Five Minute Meditation.

Heal Yourself
We moved to an apartment in downtown Ibiza for our second week and I meditated and did my morning writing right here in my little bedroom.

I like how she said that 5 minutes is good to start (if she’d said 20 minutes I may not have done it!!) and I can even do it in bed, upon waking. Bonus! She told me to pick a word and just keep that word in my head and repeat it (I haven’t done much of that kind of meditation). I found I kept changing words from day to day trying to find a good fit.

2. Seven Minutes of Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises.

I had never heard of Donna Eden before. Sabina taught me some of Donna Eden’s energy exercises specific to my health issue. (and I still do them today every morning, I can’t believe it, nine months later! I’m a Sagittarius and Saturn is in Sagittarius so I guess I’m getting some discipline for once! ???? ) After the meditation you just stay sitting on your bed (making this regimen so easy ???? ) and start with the “Three Thumps” for immune boosting, calming, spleen, liver health, clarity, energy, then hold the “Oh my God” points on your forehead to bring the blood back into the forebrain and calm any stress. Then do the “Crown Pull” to calm the nervous system and release mental congestion and the “Triple Warmer Smoothie” to calm the anxiety. Then scooch to the edge of your bed so you’re sitting with your legs over the side and do the “Wayne Cook Posture” to reorder scrambled energies. Then stand up and do the “Cross Crawl” to harmonize your energies and think more clearly, the “8’s” (for healing energy), then the “Zip Up” for self-containment and confidence and then the “Hook Up” for accessing your power and health. You can either get Donna Eden’s book or search for her youtube videos for the specific energy exercises. I am pretty sure all of them are available on youtube. As soon as I got home I found this inspiring interview with her. She talks all about her own healing journey curing herself of MS and other ailments and how she can see energy and has defined at least nine different energy types that run through, around and outside our bodies. Sooooo cool!

3. Do this twenty minute Writing Exercise

Clear old hurts and betrayals with this writing exerciseEither sit back on your bed or go to a beautiful spot to write. I just loved this exercise! This is an important piece of the whole healing journey, so don’t skip it.

Sabina told me to write for twenty minutes so I would set the alarm on my phone for 20 minutes and when it went off I’d just finish up my thought and close my book.

Get a separate book for this exercise.

What you want to do is to recall every single event in your life that still bothers you. Whether it’s your guilt or embarrassment or the fact that someone was mean to you or betrayed you. Big or small, whatever it is: if it carries a charge and it still bothers you, this is an event to write about. Depending on the event, or person, I could write a full twenty minutes just on one person – but near the end I could have three separate events to write about during one twenty minute session.

The task may seem daunting but once you get going you’ll see how everything just comes flooding out of you.

An important detail of this exercise is that you write about your event as though you are writing to the person. You say hello and explain the situation to them as you saw and felt it. Really flesh out the details of the interaction. If it’s a situation where you are really hurt by their words or actions you just let them have it. Sock it to them. Tell them everything you felt and how much you hated them if you have to ???? Don’t hold back. Once all that anger, sorrow, hurt, rage is purged hopefully you can perhaps see their side of the whole story. At the very least you can probably acknowledge that they were trying their very best (perhaps they have a big character flaw ???? chuckle) and/or considering who they are, how could you expect them to act any differently? And maybe even you’ll be able to see how it takes two to tango and perhaps your reaction was…. (fill in the blank) In the end, it’s nice if you can truly see the truth of the situation and accept it and them and forgive both yourself and the other person. (or maybe just them! ???? )

So, you keep writing for twenty minutes a day until you have nothing more to write about! It took me about 15 days to be done. It might take you more or less.

Writing Exercise Burn Release Transform
After I burnt my pages I covered the spot with a rock and all the little things I’d collected over the past two weeks…

Once you feel like there is nothing more in there to bring up you take all your sheets of paper and burn them in a letting go ceremony – however you want to do it. As you watch the papers burn up and the smoke drift away imagine these hurts burning up and drifting away, too. By the time the burning ceremony I arrived I felt seriously purged. I didn’t even have to imagine the issues burning up – they already had! I was really amazed how the events I wrote about no longer carried a charge if my mind brushed up against them. They just seemed totally diffused.

Oh yeah, Sabina said that the reason you write to the person is because energetically they are actually available to receive what you’re saying to them. Soul to Soul! I loved that. Makes perfect sense to me.

4. Run or walk briskly for twenty minutes.

Natural Items for healing
The morning collection: shells, fennel, safe and rosemary

After your writing exercise is done put on your running shoes and sports bra (I had to get my first one ever – hahaha) and go for either a twenty minute brisk walk or a run or a walk-run. Not being an exerciser or a runner (I walked during runs for PE!) I was amazed at how fantastic I felt after just twenty minutes of running/walking outside! Wow. Revelation! I began to collect a few beautiful items on my run-walk that took on symbolic meaning (depending on what they were, how many there were or what colours they were) as I ran down these beautiful Ibizan country roads.

5. Before bed, write ten things in your Gratitude Journal that you were thankful for that day.

Do this every night before sleeping. You could be thankful for the smallest thing: the Sun was shining or my bed is super comfortable ???? Or bigger: I felt thankful to spend time with my mom. The sky is the limit. But it has to be ten things and it has to be every night.

5. No Alcohol and no Coffee

No coffee, but hot chocolate!
I ended up having quite a few hot chocolates!

The only dietary restriction she gave me was: No Alcohol and no coffee. But, I liked how she said that she knew I was travelling and so if I wanted alcohol that’s fine – but just to know that when I’m back in Canada or Mexico I shouldn’t have any alcohol for 2 months straight. If I did this full regimen for two months she felt sure that I would feel so much better. So, I did and I do! I still feel great and healthy!! What a relief.

I think that’s it!

I would not skip any part of this routine. Do the meditation, energy exercises, the writing exercise (might take two weeks or more), the twenty minute brisk walk or run and no alcohol or coffee for at least two months. If she and Donna Eden could both cure their MS, surely you can cure whatever it is that ails you.

I loved this beach in Ibiza!
My favourite beach in Ibiza – so unique and never very many people…

I recall that just a few nights ago I had what I call a ‘sentence dream’. A voice said a sentence to me and it was so powerful that I woke up and wrote it down. What the voice said was, “When you can cure yourself of a disease…you like yourself.” Hmmmm…! Interesting….

So, it is ten months later for me and although I am drinking alcohol again, not meditating and not doing the walk/run thing very often, I am still doing the Energy Exercises every morning without fail. Other than getting Chikungunya in November, 2015 (which was awful) I haven’t been sick at all. Oh no, I was sick once when I got back from Oaxaca (O airplanes!)…but I’m sure it was because I didn’t do my energy exercises in Oaxaca because I was out of my zone of habit and totally forgot! Ack! Soooo there you go! Do it all – it really works! I remember the year earlier I had caught every cold going around – I was sick 8 times in nine months! ???? But not this last winter and I attribute it to doing the daily energy exercises, for sure.

A healing writing excerise - purge old betrayalsPlus, the writing exercise is amazing. I feel absolutely cleared out of all of those little niggly things that I did and feel guilty or embarrassed about. And I feel totally neutral about those betrayals, too! ???? None of those situations have any charge now. Gone. Ovah. ???? Truly a miracle.

Oh yeah, I have added some extra things to my morning Energy Exercise routine. I have added a Donna Eden Menopause Module (because I’m 49) and her “Heaven & Earth” pose to make space for the energies to flow, the Tensegrity Magical Passes for youthfullness ????, a couple of little Qi Gong moves, a Bruce Lipton subconscious reprogramming cross over thing where you just cross your feet at the ankles and then cross your wrists and then fold them inward into that knot (ya know?) and then begin to re-program your subconscious with whatever you believe needs reprogramming. I do a variation of this, repeating sections quite a few times: “I am radiantly healthy, I love myself, I love my body, my body is strong, we are radiantly healthy, me and my body and our trillions of oxygenized and specialized cells :), I feel loved, I love my life…” etc., and second to last are Donna Eden’s “Radiant Circuits” and then I end the whole thing with a few YESes with happy fists in the sky, as though the best thing ever just happened ???? That is an amazing way to end the whole routine, I tell you. How can you not feel vitalized and alive and happy after saying “YES” with your fist to the sky in that real human ‘I got it!’ way ????

Make your daily energy exercise routine unique to you! My friend has added some sun salutations to her daily routine. The sky is the limit!

Sooooo, if this post has helped even just one person I will be soooooo very happy ????

Radiant Health and Happiness to All!!


The mystical power of Es Vedra!
The first glimpse of Es Vedra, the island off the coast of Ibiza, absolutely took my breath away! It’s ominousness and power gave me a bit of a fright, actually!
Wow, Es Vedra's mystical power is tangible!
Here you see her a little more….

All photos taken by Tracey Gendron

2 thoughts

  1. I just *Love* all your photos… 🙂

    I read the writing exercise, and immediately felt sick – lol
    It brought up some *very* traumatising experiences with >HUGE< charges.

    If I ignore the big ones, at the start, maybe I can start with all the little ones… and work my way up.
    …I don’t know; I have Mars in Cancer, in the 8th House (square Pluto!); it’s going to be hard…! 😉

    1. Ooooh jeez, I see what you mean! Mars in Cancer in the 8th square Pluto!!?? What experiences!! Eeeee, I can understand your trepidation. I think your tactic is a good one, though, Mardi….start small and work up. You’ll see how your experience feels by bringing up the smaller events first….I felt AMAZINGLY cleansed after each one. It truly blew me away how the charge was really just taken away – like magic! If you get to experience that with the little events then it’ll give you more confidence with the bigger one(s). Dontcha think it really is the perrrrrfect thing to do, though, with your Saturn in the 12th, about to move into the 1st?? MAN. I really think it’s perfect timing to do this. Out with ALL the OLD. Then when Saturn enters your 1st in a few months you will start with a clean slate and your new foundation will be built upon…….emptiness 🙂 Or….at least a well-looked at, Conscious, UNconscious! Ya know? The writing exercise is the perfect thing to ‘eliminate the dross’ as Edgar Cayce says. Keep me posted – I want to hear how it goes!!

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