A Dream that Foretold my Future Six Years in Advance

A Dream that Foretold my Future Six Years in Advance…

What kind of fascinating magical-natural processes are at work here?

This is one of my favourite experiences to re-tell and illustrates the Magical-Natural Approach to life perfectly.

There is soooooo much more going on than we think!


Way back in 2002 I had a very significant lucid dream.

In the dream, I woke up (I really thought I was awake), and walked into my dark living room from my bedroom because it didn’t look quite right. Why were all these boxes piled up? There were stacks and stacks of boxes surrounding me on all sides. I was so confused.

An older man with grey hair, around 80 years old, stepped forward and I recognized him. Instinctively I knew he was my Guide. He looked like an older man that I served at the cafe I worked at who was a poet with a Pisces Sun and a Leo Moon, but I knew it wasn’t really him. No, it was definitely my Guide and he’d just put on that appearance-mask so I’d feel comfortable with him and to give me some astrological clues.

He looked at me kindly but also seriously and said, “You will move from this place…” The bottom fell out from under me because, you see, I just loved where I lived! I’d lived there already for 13 years and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! Now I knew why these boxes were stacked up! I was moving!! I felt panic and fear rise up inside me…

The living room of my Chinatown apartment after my birthday dinner party…

Then, he handed me a small brown paper bag stuffed with cash, and said, “You will get the full value of this place.” I took the bag of cash forlornly, not really understanding what he meant.

And he said one last thing: “Get on a horse and fly.”

With that, he left out the front fire-escape. Instantly, a new man came in through the fire-escape and I immediately grasped what had happened and began sobbing. I pointed to the fire-escape and said, “Is he dead? Gone forever?” The new Guide nodded. I examined him. He also appeared in a familiar guise – he had a Taurus Sun and a Leo Moon. I also have a Leo Moon, like both these Guides. (My soul knows my language!) He was younger than my previous Guide – maybe 55 or so. Serious. A very practical business man and in typical Taurus fashion: money and security-oriented. What??! I was not happy with this Changing-of-the-Guides.

I felt just awful. First my kindly poetic gentle Guide tells me I have to move and now he’s been replaced by this serious, practical Guide?? Good god. Talk about opposite energies!

End of Dream

Fast forward to January, 2005: After 16 years living in my beloved Chinatown apartment in Victoria, BC, at the age of 38, I move to…..Mexico! Seriously! But this isn’t the interesting part, no…

Let’s back up a bit…all my life all I really wanted was an acreage of fruit trees and to be able to design and build a house – or at least renovate an old French farmhouse in France – heh heh. Because I grew up in Victoria, there was no way I could afford an acreage there without mortgaging my whole life away so as I got older I kind of relegated this dream to just ‘wishful thinking’ status – even though I continued to draw up houses for different locations because, well, you just never know! Dreaming and designing has always made me happy!

Now, if you read the link above about how I found myself in Mexico you will understand that I had absolutely no interest in moving to Mexico prior to being guided here – but, as you will see, there were some magical-natural processes at work behind the scenes of my ‘rational’ self…..and, boy, am I glad there were!

Soooo, back to the experience…..: I had fallen in love with a local Mexican in April 2005 and we had had adventure after adventure…always heading out on day trips wherever our hearts desired. I was surprised and excited when I found that he loved to ask the local people how much land cost (among his other questions like: Have any odd occurrences happened here? Any UFO’s? Spirits? Voices? heh heh – Magical Realism is alive and well here!) and I harboured a tiny little spark of a question: maybe he’ll help me find land!?

The beautiful countryside in Nayarit, Mexico!

In March 2008 the desire was sooooo strong to ‘have’ (hey, that’s a Taurus word!) a little piece of land all my own that as we drove through pueblos and past lush fields and over jungly hills I was in a constant state of “Yo quiero!” (“I waaaaant…!”) (oh so Scorpio. Yes, I have a few planets in that sign 🙂

On one of our day trips I said, “Turn into this pueblo, I think I like it.” We’d driven past this teeny village many times on our way to one of the most spectacular beaches and lagoons in the area, but we’d never explored the village itself. I fell in love with it. It was small, rural, on a hill, surrounded by farm fields growing sorgum, watermelons, cucumbers, tobacco, beans…and beyond the fields, large purply mountains. Sigh. My boyfriend asked some locals what was for sale and we were directed to a lot on the hill. It was sweet, with a great view, and small. But, at this point I was thinking: I don’t care if it’s not an acreage, I just at least want something – so that I will have some little piece to call my own whatever happens in the future. So we tried to buy it – but, it turned out that the owner only owned half of it – he hadn’t paid the previous owner in full. So…that was out. Too complicated.

When my boyfriend found this out he was in the pueblo on his own and he phoned to tell me the bad news. But, he said:  “I will find you something.” After a while he phoned again saying that he had, indeed, found me something! He said that the owner would sell me a third of his land if I wanted. I said, would he want to sell the whole piece? Apparently, yes, he’d sell the whole piece, yes: One and a half acres!!! OK, OK. How much? A verrrrry good price. OK, let’s do it!

When I saw him in person I asked about the land and he said, slowly….”Well, it has a big mango tree on it….” I was beside myself. Really? A mature mango!? Yay! “And….it has a lime tree on it…” A lime? Yiippeeee! And then he left it at that. I happily dreamed about the two mature fruit trees already there and imagined planting more.

Then we planned the drive-by. You see, because I am a gringa, we didn’t want the owner to know that I was involved because we thought the price might shoot through the roof so all we did was a slow drive-by. My boyfriend said, “It starts there at that fence…..and then ends here, at this fence.” And that was that. We drove slowly along the 60 meter road frontage. All I could see were trees and a couple little shack’s and a half built brick casita. I didn’t know what the trees were, not being a fruit tree expert or anything.

I wanted it. I was ready.

Now…some might think that’s a little crazy. I mean, I didn’t even walk over the whole acre and a half! Also, there is a law that says that non-Mexicans can’t own land that close to the ocean so it would have to be in my boyfriends name (as a “presta nombre” which was a normal thing to do in these parts but some feel it’s risky and, of course, you have to trust the Mexican who really does own your land!) Oh, and it is one hour away from where I actually live in Mexico and I’d basically be the only gringa in the area!

So even though I felt like it was the right thing to do, I did have some concerned people around me feeling worried for me, wondering if it was a sane thing to do or not and, of course, that rubbed off on me a bit. But, I had made up my mind. It felt right. So, I wired my money to my boyfriends bank account and we waited and waited and waited for it to arrive. It took forever!

Finally he said the money had arrived and he came over to give it to me so that we could count it all out and then he could go purchase the land!

Well…he arrived…and I heard him walking up my stairs, so I went to greet him and as I did he handed me….a small brown paper bag STUFFED with cash, exactly like the brown paper bag stuffed with cash that my Guide had given me six years earlier when he said, “You will get the full value of this place.”!!! Needless to say, I got goosebumps up and down my arms! It was the exact same action and the exact same-sized small brown paper bag of cash! I told him why I had the reaction I did and the dream from six years ago…and was like, “Where did you get that brown paper bag from? I’ve never even seen brown paper bags down here! Why didn’t the bank put it in an envelope?”

What great confirmation that is! Can you believe it?

So from that moment on I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was meant to buy this land and that no matter what happened in the future with it, this was the right thing to do.

I am so thankful for alllll those magical-natural forces at work that first prepared me to ‘move’, to make a change by planting that seed…and then guided me here to Mexico so I could fulfill a long held dream….and then put a big, huge stamp of approval on it so that I didn’t have to have any doubts about it! (because it is kinda far out) Wow. Those are some fascinating Co-Creative processes at work!

Oh and my first walk on my land after I had purchased it was stunning because…..I had no idea that every single tree on the acreage was a fruit tree! (except for the mahogany trees that line the north side) My boyfriend had kept it a delicious secret from me. He didn’t want to oversell it and find me disappointed, I guess, so instead he told me about just two trees, which, he saw made me incredibly happy. Soooo can you imagine? There we are walking around the land and I’m saying, “What is that tree?” The answer was: mango, plum, cacao, nopale, grapefruit, pomelo, papaya, guava, guayabana, guamuchil, mandarin, lime, orange, yaka, coconut palms, nancy, bananas and tamarindo! I had no idea I had purchased a food forest!

Mom and I harvested so much from the land in June, 2008!

For those of you interested in dream interpretation – what about the rest of the dream-experience? I feel like my Pisces Guide was telling me that I’d done enough dreaming. Yes, it was necessary in order to know what it was I wanted but it was time to change, to move and to make my dreams a reality with the new Taurus guide energy coming in. You see, I have Neptune (Pisces planet) conjunct my Mercury in the 1st house so dreaming comes verrrrry naturally to me! Luckily, the Neptune/Mercury conjunction makes a perfect trine to Saturn in Pisces in the 5th house so it does suggest that I could make my dreams (pisces) come true (saturn). I know that sounds kind of corny but, I am a firm believer in dreaming things into reality….oh yes I am!

“Everything is dreamed first.” – Gilbert Triollet.

Even though my rational mind had no idea how I was going to make this dream a reality, the magical-natural co-creative processes took care of all that quite nicely, I have to say!

Interestingly my north node (where my soul wants to go in this lifetime) is in Taurus so I shouldn’t have been so surprised to find myself with this new practical, earthly, money-value-energy Taurus Guide! My south node in Scorpio is conjunct my Mercury/Neptune giving it a very Piscean cast, so it makes sense that I started out with the Pisces guide (Neptune conjunct south node) and then moved to my north node in Taurus with my Taurus guide! Wow.

Now what about “Get on a horse and fly?” The only thing that sprang to mind is that I am a Fire Horse in Chinese astrology and I’ve always interpreted horses in dreams as your Power, ya know? Because horses are sooooo powerful. If you’ve ever been on one galloping full tilt you know what I mean! Invigorating! So, I’m guessing that he just meant that I was to find my own power and I was to soar with it. Flying dreams, for me, have always been equated with really really wonderful feelings…

Lastly, in 2002 when I had this dream transiting Uranus moved into my 4th house of Home and the comfort of one’s Inner Self. Uranus is the planet of radical change so when it moves into your 4th house expect a shake-up in your home (or Guide! 🙂 ) situation! When, I was eventually guided to move to Mexico at the tail end of 2004, Uranus in Pisces was inconjunct my Moon/Jupiter in Leo in the 9th house. Isn’t that interesting? Uranus, that planetary energy that encourages you to make your life the truest reflection-of-your-unique-self as possible, was aspecting my Moon (home energy, again) in the 9th house (foreign places). Having the Moon and Jupiter conjunct in the 9th house shows that I am verrrrrry comfortable and feel so at home in foreign countries. You have no idea how many people I know here in Mexico who have their Moons in the 9th house, too! Soooo, if you too are feeling restless and like you need to move check Uranus – it just may be aspecting your own Moon. Always a good idea to heed the urge and take the leap!

So, that’s the story! 🙂

Tasting a sweet guava straight from the tree!

What are you being urged to do or change in your life? What opportunities are arising that feel like subtle pushes from these magical-natural forces? What signs and signals should you be paying more attention to? And, when, something crazily magical does happen, embrace it with all of your being so that the processes continue to be active and alive in you!

Love, Power and Co-Creation to All! 🙂

I’ve been building my casa poco a poco since 2009

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