Your Birthchart & Numerology

I really love numbers…and your astrological birth chart is full of them. Why not take a peek at your own chart to see what numbers keep popping up for you? I bet there is a message for you in them!

First things first: Generate your chart here through  You’ll need your time and place of birth, too.

If you have no idea how to generate your chart you can go to my page that shows you step-by-step how to do it here 🙂 

OK, so now that you’ve generated your chart go to the listing of the planets and their degrees at the bottom left of your chart page. It looks like this:

You can ignore the ‘minutes’ and ‘seconds’ of the degrees which are noted on the right side of the sign. Just pay attention to the leading degree number on the left, in blue and the AC number and the MC number at the bottom.

Make a list of the numbers that occur twice or more and if you have some numbers occurring three or four times or more then you know that the meaning of this number vibration reeeeeeally has some significance for you!

The above example is my chart and in order of most frequent I have:

Life Path # 22I have the number 22, three times in my chart. It is the number of my MC (Midheaven) which shows me my Life Objective or Calling and the degree of my Neptune in my first house and Saturn in my 5th house. Even if these three spots don’t aspect each other in the traditional astrological sense, I feel they are all part of the same group and they have something to say about the group they are in, if you would only listen! 🙂

22 is the number of the Master BuilderOne could say that my Calling (MC) is to Manifest (Saturn) my Dreams (Neptune) and Build something real and solid in this physical world of ours (22). To be a Master Builder 🙂 Turns out that after years of designing various houses of my dreams I actually have begun to design and build! It’s a dream come true!  

I saw the 22s in my chart years ago and secretly hoped that my dream to design and build would come true because the 22s did indicate ‘manifesting in the physical world’ energy but I wasn’t so sure. I’d kept a book called, “Plans & Projects” where I’d put all my dream ideas fully fleshed out with drawings and small details: from starting a French restaurant with a prix fixe menu and a communal table to eat at, to having goats and making goat cheese, to starting a summer school for girls around ten years of age that was all about ‘self-expression’, to detailed house designs to designing my own town radiating out from the town plaza (which I owned and created, of course!)! Hahaha. You get the picture. Lots of ideas and plans for the ‘real world’. But none of them ever manifested! I’d begun to think that I wasn’t meant to manifest – I was only meant to dream. Sigh. But then everything changed when I was called to Mexico 🙂 One thing led to another and, at 42, I found myself designing and building my house! I may not be a ‘master builder’ but building something so large and physical does feel like some crazy-magic. It only came into existence because of my daydreams! Trippy. There’s 22 for you!


Life Path # 9The next most important number is the number nine. Both my Sun and my Ascendant are at 9 degrees. So, the way I come into the world (Ascendant) and who I am and who I am becoming (Sun) are in harmony with each other because they both share the same number vibration. I come into the world really wanting to support and encourage others on their own unique paths, am idealistic, freedom-loving…and I hope I am becoming wiser, kinder and more helpful as I get older…


Life Path # 4The next most significant number in my chart is the number four. I have two planets at four degrees: my Moon and Jupiter (they sit on top of each other in Leo) in the ninth house. The Moon rules my emotions, habits and what it takes for me to feel emotionally comfortable. Jupiter shows how I grow and expand and what my belief system is. The fact that they are conjunct can mean a variety of things: I’m emotionally attached to my belief systems (I am!) and that my emotions are quite expansive and magnanimous. If you add the fact that they sit in my 9th house of foreign places and since the Moon rules your Home, one could even suggest that in order to feel truly comfortable and at home, I should live in a foreign country! (which I do). Knowing all this, when I see that they are both at four degrees, that would suggest that I need to put some roots down in this foreign country, create some structure. Four may also suggest that I can be a little rigid when it comes to what I believe in and I may restrict my emotions (Moon) in order to feel more in control (4). Since the 9th house rules publishing and websites fall into that category now, one could say that four desires that I make a ‘physical’ structure for my beliefs and since my Moon is a disseminating one I really do like to share my experiences with others…a website is the perfect four-like structure is it not?! 🙂

The other number that I have twice is the number 15 – which reduces to 6. Both my Venus and my north node in Taurus (Taurus is ruled by Venus) are at 15 degrees. Now let’s take a look at this double-digit number. The way I’ve been taught to read them is not to just quickly reduce them to 6, no. It is to take the number on the right and bring that energy through the number on the left in order to get to the reduced number on the far right.

So, we take the 5 energy (change, adventure, freedom) and put it through the 1 energy (individuality, Self, independence) in order to get to the 6 energy (love, beauty, pleasure, helpfulness). My Venus and north node (where my soul wants to go in this life) are complex! Double digits are! The number 6 is itself ruled by Venus so we have a lot of Venusian energy here. I guess we could say that the message here is: Where my soul wants to go in this lifetime (north node) is in tune with my values and what and whom I like (venus) and both are desirous of change and freedom (5) living through my Self (1) in order to get to the beauty, love, pleasure and helpfulness! Hmmm! Sounds accurate!

Here are some keyword tables to help you out:

Discover what the numbers in your astrological chart have to say!

Discover the magic of the numbers in your astrological birth chart! Fun!

Discover the numbers in your astrology chart. They have messages for you!

Why don’t we look at another chart just for fun!?

Discover the numbers and their meaning in your astrological birth chart!
This is my friend’s chart

The meaning of 13/4 in numerologyOK, so the most significant number in his chart is the number 13 since it’s the degree of his Sun and his Mid-heaven. Essentially, his Sun sits exactly at the very very tippy top of his chart. I’d say he has a mission in this life – to fulfill his Life Objective! To Self-Realize in terms of his Calling.

Let’s look at 13/4. The number 13 itself is known as the Transformation number. Death and rebirth. His Calling (MC) and who he is and who he is becoming (Sun) are one and the same: He is self-expressive, creative, social and requires lots of movement (this is all true) and need to take this 3 energy and put it through his Unique Self (1) in order to become highly adept at working with and transforming the physical world around him. He is called to be responsible, practical, and hard-working.

Numerology - the meaning of 18/9Next, he has both his Moon and his North Node at 18 degrees. This suggests that he is emotionally familiar (Moon) with where his soul wants to go in this lifetime (North Node). The familiar feeling would be a feeling of power and strength (8) funneled through the lens of Self (1) in order to get to where it really wants to go: wisdom, helpfulness, humanitarian ideals. 9 energy has a lot of experience and must share it with others. So, the power and strength of 8 informs his wisdom.


Life Path # 2Lastly, his AC (Ascendant) and Venus are both at 2 degrees. Sooo the way he comes into the world and his values both resonate with the highly intuitive and sensitive 2 energy.  One would expect him to be intuitive and highly aware of others vibrations. (he is!) He would value intuition, helpfulness, harmony and peace in general.

I hope you had fun with exercise and got some Ah-HA’s!!! 🙂

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