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I love both Western Astrology and Mayan Dreamspell Astrology
I discovered Western Astrology in December, 1998 when I went to a professional astrologer for the first time and it was a total revelation! Up until then I was aware of Sun signs and newspaper horoscopes but I had no idea that I had my own ‘chart’ with all the planets accounted for in different signs and making aspects to each other that were either harmonious and flowing or dynamic and challenging. And I had no idea how accurately they would describe who I was, who my family was and when past major events had happened, too. I was seriously blown away by the reading and when I walked out of George Strutch’s office I felt so wildly happy and excited that such things existed in our world! My view of the world and what was possible was flipped on it’s head! Deep down I had always known that the world wasn’t the dry, rational, solid, boring empirical thing that we’d been led to believe it was…no. Now I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was a much more magical, unknowable, creative and malleable thing! So, that was the beginning of my love affair with astrology. You know this old saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ? Well, that’s how I feel about astrology. Sure, I know that not everyone has an aptitude for it (some Sagittarius planets or a a strong Jupiter and 9th house help as well as a strong, well-placed Uranus preferrably aspecting your Mercury 🙂 ) but being able to interpret your own chart instead of relying on someone else is just such an amazing, self-empowering tool – I wish everyone could learn and use it!

Learn how to Generate your Natal Astrology Chart

This is the first step and this page gives you step-by-step instructions on how to generate your chart for free and describes the basics to get you started on interpreting your own chart! Exciting….

Here are some great websites that will help you learn the basics

Learn how to interpret your chart using these handy links.

My Favourite Astrology Books

This was the very first astrology book I bought: Planets in Transit by Robert Hand. Even though he describes every transit you also learn so much about each of the planets and the way they interact with each other in different aspects that you can use this book as a beginners book to read your own natal aspects, too. For example: this book will describe what it feels like if, say, Neptune (out there) is squaring your natal Mars. But, if you were born with Neptune and Mars squaring each other then Robert Hands interpretation of Neptune square Mars even though he’s talking about a transit, will still reveal valuable information for your natal chart, too. It’s the Bible of Transit information.

Discovery the Sabian Symbols for your chart

Sabian symbols are very interesting and work in mysterious ways. For example the Sabian Symbol for my 9 degree Sagittarius Sun is: A Theatrical Representation Of A Golden-Haired Goddess Of Opportunity This sentence only made sense to me mannnny years later when I dyed my naturally very dark hair, a lighter colour after I moved to Mexico and it really became golden and sun-kissed. Hmmmm!

Edgar Cayce has quite a bit to say on the subject of Astrology

“The signs of the Zodiac are Karmic Patterns; the Planets are the Looms; the Will is the Weaver.” Edgar Cayce

Get your FREE Edgar Cayce Natal Astrological Report here

You need to have some patience because it takes about seven days to receive via email but it is FREE and it is verrrrry interesting. Like no other report you’ll ever receive. He talks a lot of past lives. Fascinating!

I discovered Mayan Dreamspell Astrology in 2002 through my new crop circle research friends 🙂  They calculated my ‘Galactic Signature’, White Crystal Mirror, and then gave me The Mayan Oracle book by Ariel Spilsbury, to read all about my signature. Wowwwww…it was so fascinating! It described my essential qualities reeeeeeally well and very uniquely. After sharing the book with my friends and family I saw how immediately people responded to their signatures. Everyone was blown away! So, of course, being born under a disseminating moon 🙂 I wanted to share this tool with others and it was one of the first group of pages that I created for my website and they have become some of the most popular pages. I soon created another pretty cool tool for western astrologists who are freshly interested in Mayan Astrology and I call it “The Mayan Overlay”. It combines western astrology with mayan dreamspell astrology and can really clarify your western chart for you and shine a light on some of your relationships if, say, Blue Monkey falls into your 5th house of ‘love affairs and pleasure’ or if Yellow Star falls into your 7th house of Marriage. It’s fascinating! Many Ah-HA’s to be had 🙂

Find out what your Galactic Signature is and get your FREE Reading here!

Your first stop to find out if you’re a Blue Galactic Monkey or a Yellow Resonant Star or a White Cosmic Wizard…or more…!

Find out When your 13-day Personal Wavespell starts!

It comes around every 260 days. Don’t miss it or your Galactic Birthday! They are great intention-setting times.

Here is a page of Keywords and Astrological Correspondences for each of the Twenty Daykeepers

Quick link if you want just a basic description of each of the Daykeepers (signs)

Are you in the Shadow of your Daykeeper?

Find out what your challenges may be and how to step out of the shadow and into the light of your Daykeeper 🙂

A great Symbolism chart for working with your Dreams

The chart matches up colors and their symbolism with Daykeepers, Tones, Planets and Signs. Great for helping to interpret your dreams!

What Personal Theme Year are you in?

There are five ‘families’ with four Daykeepers in each of them. You belong to one of these families and rotate between the four theme’s each year starting on your Galactic Birthday. Find out more….

What is your Relationship’s Signature?

Combine your signature and tone with your partner’s signature and tone to see what new Galactic Signature your Relationship is!

Learn the Mayan Overlay

Discover more about yourself by overlaying your 13-day Wavespell onto your 12 house Astrological Chart. The 13th and last day, goes in the middle of your chart to symbolise the totality of yourself and how you surrender to the perfection of Who You Are. Lots of Ah-HA’s to get! 🙂

What are GAP days, anyway??

Find out the significance of being born on a Galactic Activation Portal day or how you can best use them if they occur in your Personal Wavespell.

Dreamspell Calculators vs “Classical” Calculators – a theory

Why are there two? It can feel confusing. I know I was confused when I first discovered the “Classical” calculator! But, I have a wee theory. See how it feels to you…

Quick Daykeeper & Tone Energy Key

When you want to know, at a glance, the keywords for the Daykeepers and Tones. It’s also printable!

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