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As a fun experiment why not read through the different phases before you find out what phase you were born under. Then you can see if your intuition and the way you view your life and self matches!

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Simply enter your birthday month, day and year in their calculator to see your moon phase 🙂
(the hour is not really important)

You were born during a New MoonTHE NEW MOON phase (1degree to 45degrees ahead of the Sun) indicates that in the present incarnation the soul-entity is initiating a fresh cycle of experience. The time has come to rise to the challenge of new goals, ideas, or experiences. Like the Arian, the new Moon person is impulsive. The new Moon represents a call to action. This individual feels compelled to project desires forcefully in order to make an impression. If we liken the lunar cycle to the growth of a plant, we can say that the new Moon is analogous to the moment when the seed springs forth from the mother plant.

You were born under a Waxing Crescent MoonTHE WAXING CRESCENT MOON phase (46d-90d) implies that the seed has sprouted and is working its way toward the light. Momentum is being gained on the trajectory launched under the new Moon. Former emotional bonds and completed tasks have been relegated to the realm of memory as the outward bound soul enthusiastically strives in the direction of its fresh ideal.

You were born under the First Quarter MoonTHE FIRST QUARTER phase (91d-135d) is a testing phase. Momentum brings resistance, or, as occultists say, the drive toward perfection brings imperfection to the surface. In the life cycle of a plant, it is during this third stage that the infant herblet must either push through the ground or die. The soul in the first quarter phase is challenged by crisis, and may therefore appear combative. The evolving entity is impelled to reach out from known to unknown realms with respect to the objective undertaken during the new Moon.

You were born under the Waxing Gibbous MoonTHE WAXING GIBBOUS MOON phase (136d-180d) ushers in a phase of anticipation, launching a period of spiritual apprenticeship and perfection of form. During this stage, the soul strives for balance, laying the foundations of work and service which enable the consciousness to blossom forth under the full Moon. At this stage, the plant has grown to a respectable size and sprouted leaves.

You were born under the Full MoonTHE FULL MOON phase (181d-225d) can be symbolized by the plant in full flower. This is a period of illumination, of awareness, and of consummation in which the soul-entity will allow the perfected personality to expend all its energies for the sake of its mission. Under this phase, the soul gains perspective.

You were born under a Disseminating MoonTHE DISSEMINATING MOON or WANING GIBBOUS MOON phase (226d-270d) is represented by the flowers whose petals are scattered by the winds. The objective awareness achieved under the full Moon is ready to be spread to the world at large. The very word ‘disseminating’ means ‘to spread abroad, as though sowing seed.’ In this distributive stage, the personality gives active expression to whatever ideas have impressed it most deeply.

You were born under the Last Quarter MoonTHE LAST QUARTER MOON phase (271d-315d) is akin to the seed pods coming to a head on the mature plant. Astrologers associate this phase with Saturn, which constructs, and with Uranus, which transforms the life essence. Many rebels and political radicals who give birth to revolutionary ideas are born under the last quarter. What the individual does now is likely to be recapitulated under the later cycle during the next new Moon incarnation.

You were born under the Balsamic MoonTHE BALSAMIC MOON or WANING CRESCENT MOON phase (316d-359d) represents the end of the karmic round. The mature plant is ready to let its seeds blow in the winds until they find a spot where they can grow on their own. In an existence marked by this phase, the individual is concerned with wrapping up old projects and loose ends. A powerful desire to rectify the misdeeds of the past can lead to preoccupation with memories of bygone days. Such reminisces may be an unhealthy obsession, or they may enrich the soul with the essence of garnered experience. At the same time, one may look wistfully toward the future in anticipation of a new karmic cycle and a new purpose to be undertaken under the coming new Moon.

These excerpts are by Mary Devlin

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