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What is the Day out of Time?I wrote the text for this page in 2010 but I’ve added some current comments at the very bottom 🙂

July 25th is the day of No Time. The day in between the old year and the new year. The Day Out of Time. Timelessness. Beingness.

To me, the Day out of Time is a day for each of us to celebrate our unique spark. No clocks, no time. Your own rhythm. A day to really tap into the golden-threaded grid that we have all strengthened with our inspired thoughts Hanab Ku, The Galactic Butterflyand action. And a day to add your vibration of peace, happiness, radiance, love, joy and perfect BEINGNESS to the mix!

They say that Sirius aligns with the Sun at this time (very fitting since Sirius A is closely related to Feline energy and on July 25th the Sun is firmly in Leo after entering the sign a few days earlier. Sirius B is related to dolphin and whale energy) So, open yourself to the energy of Sirius and the Sun combined: radiantly expressing (Sun & Leo) the wisdom of the ages (feline and dolphin/whale energy) through your unique Self. You are the blossom of our beautiful, living Universe! Express yourself. Create. Be!

The Universe loves nothing more than to feel itself living through You.

Many of you may be feeling as though we’ve all turned a corner just in the last few months and…I do believe we have!

The feeling I had about one month ago was that all of us, all together, with our understanding of how energy works (finally!) and why we wanted to be born at this time have created a completely new energetic pathway. To me, it feels like a golden-threaded net that surrounds our planet and it vibrates at a very high level…the level of peace, acceptance of everyone and everything, unity and the radiant joy of just being able to exist in this ever-evolving human form! When I describe it my arms raise up like helium to describe its higher level and I feel like it lifts us up with it…pulllllls us all up like a hot air balloon…

Perhaps the golden net of wonderful energy has always been here…created by the wise and connected people throughout the ages…and I just discovered it?! (most likely) Which means that others are discovering it too. Either you’ve already tapped into it ages ago (thank you for holding and creating the space!) or you’re just on the verge. So this is just confirmation for some of you…

The more people that tap into this new golden net, the more real it gets, the more it begins to influence life on Earth by calling to people that are almost that light, like a magnet…the stronger it gets with more nodes (representing our consciousnesses) and more connections.

A constellation that keeps growing! A firmament more and more dense with stars – more and more dots connecting…until this golden-threaded net is the only Reality.

And the Reality is that we are all one…and it feels good.

The Reality is that we communicate with everything in our environment…rocks, trees, ocean, sky, people, animals…and, if we listen we see that they are communicating back to us!

The Reality is that our thoughts and mental-emotional attitude affect everything from the tiniest detail in our day to the largest: our planet Earth.

We are Co-Creating a beautiful Life and World now. This is it. We’re not waiting.

Communicate with everything you come in contact with and listen for the responses…

You are fully supported to be the blossom you are. Enjoy this Day of No Time, this day out of Time…you are a gift to the Universe!

In Lak’ech
I am another yourself

~As I read the text above, from 2010, the first thing that struck me was….how inspired I was feeling! Wow! As I recall, I was kind of on fire in 2010 and 2011 🙂 It was when I started to do lunar ceremonies with a friend quite regularly and had created my two Co-Creative Wavespell Calendars. The co-creative lunar ceremonies were a really easy, effective, creative and fun way to work with the energies available on a fairly regular basis dictated by the lunar cycles. I ended up feeling so plugged in and really inspired! I think I will dedicate this years Day out of Time to calling in those same energies. YES.

The other thing that came to mind was Dolores Cannon’s ‘ball of possibility’ concept. She talks about how all our positive thoughts about our World create strands in an energy-ball-of-possibility. But every negative thought that we have that counters the positive one we just had weakens the positive strand we added to the energy-ball-of-possibility. In her own words…

When you think a thought, it doesn’t just disappear. It becomes an energy strand. It becomes energy. It moves into that ball of possibility. So, imagine your thought becoming energy. And the more energy you give it, the stronger that becomes. And then it manifests and it becomes real. It becomes physical. If you send a thought out that there’s going to be peace and then you follow it with, “Oh, but that war is getting worse,” or “Those politicians are making a mistake.” You weaken the energy of the positive strand you brought out. So we have to teach people to send out the positive thought, and then to reinforce it with more positive thoughts. And we have to teach them that when one of those negative thoughts comes into their mind, not to just let it go, but to replace it with a positive thought. So that they’re adding to that energy ball of possibility. They’re contributing to it.          

That was an excerpt from “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth” by Dolores Cannon

I think this is especially apt right now when, I know, many of us are feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world. It used to be that you could get away from the news by not reading the newspaper or watching TV but now it’s all over your facebook feed, so unless you go off facebook you’re going to be getting bombarded by and be wrapped up in all the crazy shit that is happening in the world. This is hardly helping our energy-ball-of-possibility, now is it!? 🙂

So, let’s take this Day out of Time and add as many new, positive strands to this ball-of-possibility with each of our own radiant thoughts!

Here’s to a Beautiful World filled with Radiant Individuals 🙂


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July 25th is the Day out of Time – LightCenter

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