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How is everyone doing so far?? I just thought I’d check in and remind y’all that 2017 is a big ‘Double-One’ year! 🙂

In 2017 we have entered a 1 year in both systems.  Because it’s a double whammy of One energy, I think we need to pay attention and do our best to harness this new-possibility energy coming into our lives, yes!

I just wanted to go over what’s up with 2017, a year that, energetically, lays a new foundation for the next 9-year and 13-year cycles!

Numerologically, 2016 adds up to 9, the last year in a 9-year cycle, and 2017 adds up to a 1, the first year in the 9-year cycle. The last time we had a 1 year was in 2008. Think back to 2008…what new thing started for you? What new opportunities presented themselves to you? Did you finally realize a long held dream that springs from your Individual, independent Self? (1)

Also, in the Mayan Dreamspell calendar 2016 is a 13 year (the “Cosmic” tone, 13), which is the last year in a 13 year cycle. This cycle started fresh with Red “Magnetic” Skywalker, tone 1, back in 2004. Think back to 2004 – was there something that you needed to have courage (Skywalker) to do in order to start something new in your life? Did you need to loosen your moorings to what was known in order to leap into something new and unknown?

For me, 2004 was the year that I felt a real urge to completely change my life. I recall that in May, 2004 I tried to make a change but was thwarted….but by November, 2004, what I needed to do became crystal clear and by January, 2005 I was in another country. I had no idea at the time that this new country would become my home! Soooo, yes, for me, 2004 was, indeed, a pivotal year. The changes I made in 2004 set up the foundation of what was to come in the coming years.

2008 was also a major year for me as it was the year that I purchased some land in Mexico and began designing my house. This had been a long-held dream of mine that I really doubted would ever happen!

2016_2017_endings_beginnings_despachoCan you see the seeds of change and new foundations being laid down in both 2004 and 2008 – marking the new beginnings of your own journey? Since there are still a few months left in 2017 and since Uranus and Jupiter will be doing their exciting ‘dream-big’ dance in the sky again in September and October why not sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions so that you can better understand how you react to these New Beginning years:

What Began for me in 2004? How did I have to loosen my moorings to what was Known in order to step into the Unknown? Did something take courage to start? Did a long-held dream come to fruition? Did a new Path open up to me? Did my relationships, job or home change? Answer the same questions for 2008. 

Then ask yourself these questions: What, in my life, would I like to change now? What big idea shall I plant right now, so that it may grow and manifest?  How do I want the next 9 years and 13 years to feel? What great creative project can I start right now?

Both systems are now in sync for the first time in 117 years! Yes, seriously! The last time it was a 1 year numerologically and a 1 (magnetic) year in the mayan dreamspell calendar was January 1st, 1900! Cool eh?

I really felt the new energy in terms of New Beginnings for 2017 in the Spring when Uranus and Jupiter were opposite each other in the sky (from Dec 2016 until April 2017. We get this exciting energetic combination again in September and October 2017). It felt like the ‘sky’s the limit!!’ and that I was being encouraged to dream big, expand into who I can be, grow to encompass my whole self and to take risks! Being a Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, it sure was an exciting time – and yes, something new was born at that time for me, too!

Experiencing the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 during this Double-One year makes me feel that we need to bring our whole Selves to this next 9-year and 13-year cycle. The Solar Eclipse in Leo, for me, is urging us all to Be exactly who we are born to be….since Leo rules the Sun and each of our Sun’s contain who we are and who we are becoming, our life-force, vitality and creativity, the message is: Don’t be Eclipsed! Don’t hide your warmth and radiance under a bushel. Shine! Be Creative! Express yourself! Be YourSelf! Be as fully You as you can possibly be. To really get this message during a Double-One year will lay an excellent foundation of Self upon which the coming years can grow out of in the healthiest manner possible 🙂

Here is to New Beginnings and To Being Ourselves!

Lots of love to you!!


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