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The Reds

Red Magnetic Dragon
Red Lunar Dragon
Red Electric Dragon
Red Self-Existing Dragon
Red Overtone Dragon
Red Rhythmic Dragon
Red Resonant Dragon
Red Galactic Dragon
Red Solar Dragon
Red Spectral Dragon
Red Planetary Dragon
Red Crystal Dragon
Red Cosmic Dragon

Red Magnetic Serpent
Red Lunar Serpent
Red Electric Serpent
Red Self-Existing Serpent
Red Overtone Serpent
Red Rhythmic Serpent
Red Resonant Serpent
Red Galactic Serpent
Red Solar Serpent
Red Planetary Serpent
Red Spectral Serpent
Red Crystal Serpent
Red Cosmic Serpent

Red Magnetic Moon
Red Lunar Moon
Red Electric Moon
Red Self-Existing Moon
Red Overtone Moon
Red Rhythmic Moon
Red Resonant Moon
Red Galactic Moon
Red Solar Moon
Red Planetary Moon
Red Spectral Moon
Red Crystal Moon
Red Cosmic Moon

Red Magnetic Skywalker
Red Lunar Skywalker
Red Electric Skywalker
Red SelfExisting Skywalker
Red Overtone Skywalker
Red Rhythmic Skywalker
Red Resonant Skywalker
Red Galactic Skywalker
Red Solar Skywalker
Red Planetary Skywalker
Red Spectral Skywalker
Red Crystal Skywalker
Red Cosmic Skywalker

Red Magnetic Earth
Red Lunar Earth
Red Electric Earth
Red Self-Existing Earth
Red Overtone Earth
Red Rhythmic Earth
Red Resonant Earth
Red Galactic Earth
Red Solar Earth
Red Planetary Earth
Red Spectral Earth
Red Crystal Earth
Red Cosmic Earth

The Whites

White Magnetic Wind
White Lunar Wind
White Electric Wind
White Self-Existing Wind
White Overtone Wind
White Rhythmic Wind
White Resonant Wind
White Galactic Wind
White Solar Wind
White Planetary Wind
White Spectral Wind
White Crystal Wind
White Cosmic Wind

White Magnetic World-Brdgr
White Lunar World-Bridger
White Electric World-Bridger
White Self-Existing World-Br
White Overtone World-Brdgr
White Rhythmic World-Brdgr
White Resonant World-Brdgr
White Galactic World-Brdgr
White Solar World-Bridger
White Planetary World-Brdgr
White Spectral World-Brdgr
White Crystal World-Bridger
White Cosmic World-Bridger

White Magnetic Dog
White Lunar Dog
White Electric Dog
White Self-Existing Dog
White Overtone Dog
White Rhythmic Dog
White Resonant Dog
White Galactic Dog
White Solar Dog
White Planetary Dog
White Spectral Dog
White Crystal Dog
White Cosmic Dog

White Magnetic Wizard
White Lunar Wizard
White Electric Wizard
White Self-Existing Wizard
White Overtone Wizard
White Rhythmic Wizard
White Resonant Wizard
White Galactic Wizard
White Solar Wizard
White Planetary Wizard
White Spectral Wizard
White Crystal Wizard
White Cosmic Wizard

White Magnetic Mirror
White Lunar Mirror
White Electric Mirror
White Self-Existing Mirror
White Overtone Mirror
White Rhythmic Mirror
White Resonant Mirror
White Galactic Mirror
White Solar Mirror
White Planetary Mirror
White Spectral Mirror
White Crystal Mirror
White Cosmic Mirror

The Blues

Blue Magnetic Night
Blue Lunar Night
Blue Electric Night
Blue Self-Existing Night
Blue Overtone Night
Blue Rhythmic Night
Blue Resonant Night
Blue Galactic Night
Blue Solar Night
Blue Planetary Night
Blue Spectral Night
Blue Crystal Night
Blue Cosmic Night

Blue Magnetic Hand
Blue Lunar Hand
Blue Electric Hand
Blue Self-Existing Hand
Blue Overtone Hand
Blue Rhythmic Hand
Blue Resonant Hand
Blue Galactic Hand
Blue Solar Hand
Blue Planetary Hand
Blue Spectral Hand
Blue Crystal Hand
Blue Cosmic Hand

Blue Magnetic Monkey
Blue Lunar Monkey
Blue Electric Monkey
Blue Self-Existing Monkey
Blue Overtone Monkey
Blue Rhythmic Monkey
Blue Resonant Monkey
Blue Galactic Monkey
Blue Solar Monkey
Blue Planetary Monkey
Blue Spectral Monkey
Blue Crystal Monkey
Blue Cosmic Monkey

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Blue Lunar Eagle
Blue Electric Eagle
Blue Self-Existing Eagle
Blue Overtone Eagle
Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Blue Resonant Eagle
Blue Galactic Eagle
Blue Solar Eagle
Blue Planetary Eagle
Blue Spectral Eagle
Blue Crystal Eagle
Blue Cosmic Eagle

Blue Magnetic Storm
Blue Lunar Storm
Blue Electric Storm
Blue Self-Existing Storm
Blue Overtone Storm
Blue Rhythmic Storm
Blue Resonant Storm
Blue Galactic Storm
Blue Solar Storm
Blue Planetary Storm
Blue Spectral Storm
Blue Crystal Storm
Blue Cosmic Storm

The Yellows

Yellow Magnetic Seed
Yellow Lunar Seed
Yellow Electric Seed
Yellow Self-Existing Seed
Yellow Overtone Seed
Yellow Rhythmic Seed
Yellow Resonant Seed
Yellow Galactic Seed
Yellow Solar Seed
Yellow Planetary Seed
Yellow Spectral Seed
Yellow Crystal Seed
Yellow Cosmic Seed

Yellow Magnetic Star
Yellow Lunar Star
Yellow Electric Star
Yellow Self-Existing Star
Yellow Overtone Star
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Yellow Resonant Star
Yellow Galactic Star
Yellow Solar Star
Yellow Planetary Star
Yellow Spectral Star
Yellow Crystal Star
Yellow Cosmic Star

Yellow Magnetic Human
Yellow Lunar Human
Yellow Electric Human
Yellow SelfExisting Human
Yellow Overtone Human
Yellow Rhythmic Human
Yellow Resonant Human
Yellow Galactic Human
Yellow Solar Human
Yellow Planetary Human
Yellow Spectral Human
Yellow Crystal Human
Yellow Cosmic Human

Yellow Magnetic Warrior
Yellow Lunar Warrior
Yellow Electric Warrior
Yellow SelfExistng Warrior
Yellow Overtone Warrior
Yellow Rhythmic Warrior
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Yellow Solar Warrior
Yellow Planetary Warrior
Yellow Spectral Warrior
Yellow Crystal Warrior
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Yellow Magnetic Sun
Yellow Lunar Sun
Yellow Electric Sun
Yellow Self-Existing Sun
Yellow Overtone Sun
Yellow Rhythmic Sun
Yellow Resonant Sun
Yellow Galactic Sun
Yellow Solar Sun
Yellow Planetary Sun
Yellow Spectral Sun
Yellow Crystal Sun
Yellow Cosmic Sun

15 thoughts

    1. Aloha!
      My name is Athena Rose Landy and I am a White Rythmic Dog.
      I am wondering how synastry works in relationships and Mayan signs.
      For example, if my partner were to be a White Overtone Dog, would it be like spiritual incest or something, because we are so similar? I don’t know I’m just fearful and thinking maybe I should let go of my past, and hope to find a person of a completely different spiritual tribe?

        1. Hello Athena!

          Good question! I feel that being attracted to the same daykeeper/sign, White Dog, would just mean that you were at a time in your life when you needed to have a clear reflection of yourself in your partner, ya know? The way he is – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ – would be showing your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects since the two of you share the same White Dogness. It’s definitely not spiritual incest, nope….it’s just you resonating with someone who is very like yourself. It’s especially interesting since White Dogs DO call in their companions of destiny of like vibration.

          The interesting thing is, is that when you put your two signatures together you actually get a third energy/entity which is the ‘relationship itself’….since White Dog is the 10th daykeeper you add these two together to get 20…Yellow Sun! Wow! Then you add your tone (6) and his tone (5) together to get 11, Spectral…ahhhhh very interesting….So together you are Yellow Spectral Sun…so it’s like, together, you two need to Shine and vibrate at the highest level of compassion and unconditional love…really let go (spectral) into that…it’s like the Unconditional Love and Bliss of Yellow Sun will liberate (spectral) you both, if you go there. Very beautiful! Remember that every relationship you have has something to offer you…

    1. Thank You so much. You are so amazing for making all of this possible and holding space for it. The Law of Time website has been very helpful too. Thank you for your replying,
      It makes so much sense that they would be considered a reflection of me… I had another partner who was White Dog according to, White Wind on here- but also very similar to me. Overall lesson for both relationships though: I need to love myself more before the partner I’m meant to be with comes along. As for calling in companions of destiny… I met Overtone Dog in a dream-state, like I thought I was in a past life, and we talked with our hands and so on- he was from Hawaii, but was homeless and a drunk- so strong though- he was hit by truck and survived and healing miraculously-well, and he also talked to me through his dream-state sometimes. The other one I met through facebook, and he had a really crazy life growing up in a gang-way and needing to find the power of his ancestors before they were gang-members or hurt/raped/sent to foster care- because he is Indigenous too. He’s also a really good art and music producer. But both of them had extreme sides that were too much for me to handle, even though I thought I could- and I sought them both out. Now, I’m really trying my best focus on healing myself and calling in healthier companions, and companions that know how to channel anger in healthier ways. I was a former addict as well, but I’m not anymore. I am a Reiki healer, artist, astrologer and gardener.
      I have had one heck of a silly time trying to hone in the meaning of “Power of Yourself Doubled” but it totally makes sense. Because, sometimes when I talk to people, I am looking at more than one dimension of them- and sometimes they are aware of it and sometimes they are not. I think it relates to having the “western” (but not really west- but you know what I mean) diagnosis of Schizoeffective- because of the seeing more than one dimension thingy and getting confused about the reality of the day and dream of time I’m seeing. So discernment, patience, good diet/exercise are really important lessons for me to learn.
      I am well versed in the tropical meanings of planets/houses and some asteroids and combining different systems like vedic/tropical and mayan (had some interesting experiences on a Tzolkin birthday that calculated and it helped me figure some things out)- meaning to balance out various ways for people instead of just one prescription. I have thought about making a YouTube for various reasons, but one channel idea in particular I was going to name after my sign and it would be about looking up the Mayan sign of the day, reading and expanding upon it. Credit would be given to the website/authors of the articles, but I should ask their permission before doing something like that, and also if I end up profiting of it I would need to figure out how to accurately divy-up the $ and send them to the perspective sources. Do you have ideas on this? <3

        1. Hi Athena!! Wowwwwww…all so fascinating! Feels so very White Dog with White Dog, with Yellow Sun as your composite signature! Cooool. Yeah, I like your interpretation of “Power of Yourself Doubled”…just to add to that insight the people I know who have their Guide as their own Daykeeper…who have the power of themselves doubled always seem to have much more POWER than other people….like their emotions are intensified and magnified whether they are enjoyable or challenging emotions….there’s a magnification happening, I feel. Pretty powerful! I love that you’re into reiki, healing, astrology and gardening….lovely!

          I don’t think you really need to ask permission from people to put together the youtube channel you’re imagining…all the basic information is out there for ALL to use, interpret and enjoy! Long direct quotes should be credited with a name but keep any money you make – it’s your creative project, your energy….! 🙂 Lovely to meet you!

    1. Hi I am looking for your info on each tone in a convenient table, does this exist? Say if I want to learn more about tone 10? Easy way to find it?

        1. Ahhhh I don’t actually have a page just on the tones – sorry Renee! You’d have to look up the signature for any “Planetary” signature if you want the full information on Tone 10.

    1. Hello…I’m not even really sure what I’m looking for here. I have someone very close to me in my life…we’re very good friends at this point. I believe him to be my twin flame …but I digress. My question was more wanting insight about our Mayan astrology and how we relate. I am a White Planetary Mirror, and he is Yellow Crystal Star. What I found really interesting when reading through your pages (forgive me if I do not have the terminology yet, as I’m new to this Mayan system and still learning), but his gift and challenge is “White Mirror”, and likewise with mine “Yellow Star”. Just curious if you have any insight about that relation to each other? Thank you so much for your time, and this space to learn in!

        1. Hi Nicole!

          Ahhhh yes, so interesting! I am a White Mirror myself and TWO of my absolute best friends are Yellow Star, so I know this dynamic, at least in a platonic scenario! When these two positions are flipped – you are the other persons Challenge – I would say it is a definite sign that you have some kind of soul contract or affiliation or love with this person.

          The Challenge position shows what your challenge really is in this lifetime and when you have someone with you who embodies the thing that you really want to ‘get’ and become yourself, it makes it easier – it’s like they are pulling you towards that goal. Remember that whatever our Challenge is, that with time, it can totally turn into our GIFT…something we are really good at.

          So you, being White Mirror embody having great judgement, being discerning, being highly intuitive, being cerebral and having good mental faculties 🙂 and will be an example to your Yellow Star friend who may need to learn how to be more clear. You, on the other hand will be supported to be more radiant and confident with your self-expression and to BE harmony in your heart (instead of being so in your Head all the time). White Mirror relates to Air/Cerebral activity and Yellow Star relates to Fire/Passion and warmth….they compliment each other just like Fire and Air complement each other in astrology.

          Enjoy each other! 🙂

            1. Thank you so much for your response. This all makes so much sense. We’ve known each other many years, and even in zodiac astrology I’m fire (sagittarius) and he is air (Aquarius)….as far as sun signs go. We’ve talked about that fire/air relationship between us, and have always held space for each other even when we go for long periods without contact. There has never been jealousy, feeling disconnected even when we are. Just warmth and a deep love for one another.
              I so appreciate your insight and am excited to explore all the info you have here. 🖖🏼💚

    1. dear Tracey,

      I have discovered your website yesterday and I am really happy of the resources that i can find here..especially on health. But I have one question related to compatibility on relationships and mayan signs. I am a Yellow Planetary Human and my boyfriend is Blue Cosmic Night. The combination is Blue Eagle Night, can you confirm if my math works? 🙂 Also, I do not really understand how to read the profile and what are our challenges…maybe it is a stupid questions but I thought in trying.

      Thank you very much,

        1. Hi Cami! Together you are Blue Planetary Night 🙂 Because your boyfriend’s tone is Cosmic – whoever he is with, he’ll take on THEIR tone – so with the two of you, it’s Planetary. You keep your tone in the relationship. So, together, you’re Planetary…a key to the success of your relationship is Finding your Hearts Desire together…and going for it…Manifesting your Hearts Desire. Now, this might not be the easiest for a Cosmic person since they are more go-with-the-flow, be spontaneous and have radical freedom types. Being with you, though, might give him more drive to manifest what his/your heart desires…

          Blue Eagle is very compassionate and is about having Vision. The Challenge of Blue Eagle is Red Serpent – so sex stuff, intimacy, body: Remember that the Challenge also has the possibility to turn into the GIFT – what the two of you are really good at 🙂

          Blue Planetary Eagle suggests that the two of you could really Manifest a beautiful vision for the World and your lives in it…

          Does any of that resonate?

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